Welcome to The Hive Society

The Hive Society, Inc.  is a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, officially certified by the Internal Revenue Service, effective April 2014.

Our Mission

The Hive Society’s mission is to practice and encourage Philanthropy through Music, Culture, and the Creative Arts. HiveSociety.com serves as the digital platform for the innovative, creative and artistic individuals who promote this mission and lead others to do the same.


The Bees (Members) of the Hive Society and Volunteers who participated in our HAW community service event on June 13, 2014.


7/26/14: At the Houston Food Bank, The Hive Society and other volunteers in 3 hours, sorted 19,805 lbs of food products which will serve about 16,504 meals to those in Houston with food insecurity. At the charity basketball game, we volunteered our help as Active Athlete helped raised funds for the Houston Children’s Charity.

Hive Life Short: A Day in the Life of a Busy BEE – 7/26/14 from The Hive Society on Vimeo.

 History of the Hive

The Hive Society’s history dates back to 2008, and first cemented its name in Houston’s culture in 2010. The Hive Society initially began with the purpose of creating a buzz for Houstonians actively pursuing a career in Music or the Arts, generally considered “lost” in society’s eyes. In a world of monotony and overall absence of creativity, the brave souls of the Hive Society answered the call to save the soul of the culture.

Why are we called The “Hive” Society? If you’re interested in becoming a member, you just may learn that answer.

A few of The Hive Society's Members at our HAW Community Service event.

A few of The Hive Society’s Members at our HAW Community Service event.

After a brief hiatus, The Hive Society is back to reclaim our natural place as the bees of the underground. Combining forces, The Hive Society brings Houston an art-inspired think tank: a coalition of artists and free thinkers, banding together to inspire creative anarchy with a philanthropic purpose. Without ego, bees are natural producers, understanding that even though it takes a lot of work to carry out our goals, the culture cannot function without us bees.

We are here to fulfill a higher purpose: break barriers; bring people together, centered around the common things that make us human: the genuine love and appreciation of good music, art, and people. The bees will pollinate this culture of Houstonians with a desire to be philanthropic, inspiring other’s to give back to the culture through their talents. We will use this website to tell the stories of the artists and influencers who are laboring daily to fill the voids in our society.

#Hivelife Short #2: A Day in the #HiveLife 8/9/14 – #HashtagLunchbagHou from The Hive Society on Vimeo.

Contact the "Keeper of the Bees" if you have any questions about the Organization: 280@hivesociety.com

Contact Adrian the “Keeper of the Bees” if you have any questions about the Organization.

#Hivelife Short #3: A Day in the #HiveLife 12/13/14 – #HashtagLunchbagHou from The Hive Society on Vimeo.

The Hive Society, Inc. is always open to collaborating with corporations and fellow non-profits who are interested in our mission.

Have questions or want to connect?  Contact Us