Sango Releases De Mim, Pra Você



Following his North American Tour, Sango decides to drop De Mim, Pra Você. Now, to me, this sounds a lot like a low key fourth installment to his Da Rochina album series, except with this one it seems as if he’s digging deeper. What differs this project from others is Sango’s desire to always find different ways to evolve his sound & find more of himself with music he creates. As far as De Mim, Pra Você goes, you can tell he is studying more & more of Brazilian culture by going a bit Northern. He’s beginning to become more connected to the history of the culture & gain a deeper understanding & connection to the music that influences his individuality.

is different from any Da Rocinha. It’s more influenced by Northern Brazilian music. Black music.  allowed me to seek for more history; more understanding; more roots. We are all influenced by one another.”

What I love the most about Sango, is his dedication to always priding himself on evolution. These days its so easy to stay stuck & comfortable, & Sango is always finding ways to dig deeper & find ways to make his music something you can connect to. De Mim, Pra Você is definitely a project that I feel you can play the entire way through. The replay value is endless, & his sound is a breath of fresh air. Its not everyday you see an artist or producer be themselves while still paying homage to his influences. This is only a taste of whats to come, as Sango still has another project dropping this year entitled In The Comfort Of. I’m excited to see what else he has in store for us. Until then, enjoy De Mim, Pra Você below:

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