“High in spirit
High in frequency.

From me to you,


Hannah Faith is one of my favorite music selectors, period. The way she uses music as a means to express herself & her emotions & feelings is truly an art form. SPIRITED  is a direct representation of this. While listening to this heavenly mix, you can literally feel what she felt while making it. Her music selection was superb, & it directly equated to what Hannah more than likely wanted us to feel listening to this & taking it in. What I love most is her desire to always incorporate producers & musicians a lot of people may have never heard of, & giving them that spotlight & love they deserve. It is always a refreshing feeling to see a DJ really invest themselves into staying true to the music & staying true to digging for fresh sounds. Hannah’s mixes always give me a nostalgic feeling, a feeling of comfort & inspiration. Music is powerful, & Hannah knows this & uses that power for good. I hope you all enjoy this mix as much as I did. Sit back, relax, & let Hannah take you into a world of healing & positivity. Stream SPIRITED below:

SPIRITED Track list