The wait is over – Doeman delivers another sick visual with the help of Director Bird Medina for “No Limit ’91.”

Your new favorite Doeman visual is now live.

If you follow Doeman or any of the DYNA family on social media, you probably have been ripping your hair out in expectation of the “No Limit ’91” visual. We’ve gotten to see one-minute snippets for what feels like an eternity, and in true Dodi fashion, he dropped the full video unexpectedly in the middle of the day, and in even truer Barrio God fashion, it is FIRE.

Director Bird Medina brings the rapper’s words to life with aesthetics that are vivid, and sometimes downright beautiful. The convenient store shots give me Mexican “Menace II Society” and are interspersed with images of what I can only imagine it’s like to hang with Doe and his loyal group of friends on a regular weekend, chillin’ outside someone’s house, drankin’ and whatnot.

Medina matched up the subject matter of the song with the camera shot very precisely, but not so overtly as to be too literal. In the bridge of the song, we hear Doeman’s inner dialogue “(Look what illuminati’s done/I feel like I’m lost in time, my mind is old, my body’s young/I look up to the sky my heart is pure, my mind’s corrupted/Prob’ly do some drugs, sip some liquor, do some dumb shit)”. At the same time, we see him buying a 40 oz. and praying in front of a picture of Jesus and several other religious symbols. The juxtaposition of the visuals is in direct alignment with the conflict we hear in the rapper’s words.

The video ends in the most sincere of ways consistent with the loyalty of the “DYNA-sty” with a tribute to Doeman’s friend, Thomas Gamez, who was one of his crew that was definitely “bout it,” and passed away unexpectedly at the end of last year, furthering the message of loyalty.

I had to watch the video four or five times to make sure I noticed everything, and I’m about to go watch it again because I’m sure I still missed something. In the meantime, you take a look at tell me what you think.