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New Perspective Development is a nonprofit founded here in Houston, Texas with goals in mind to help the advancement of all underprivileged individuals and provide outlets for open-minded individuals to be active in our communities. Enjoy our interview below!

Q: What inspired you to decide New Perspective Development?
 New Perspective Development took form in a time of systematic unrest and discrimination that was/is being reflected into today’s society. The visionary, Quentin Thompson, felt that there should be a safe place where like-minded individuals could come together and share their feelings, emotions, and thoughts about what was going on around us. A place where an opinion would be respected and heard with love and sometimes constructive criticism. The group chat, People of Perspective (POP) was created for an outlet and refuge of the open-minded.  Quentin begin inviting people he thought had a thirst of knowledge and/or the discipline to learn new perspectives on the events taking place in our world.
It was refreshing yet alarming to know that so many people wanted to be involved in an open forum to discuss almost anything that was affecting our communities and the world. Quentin had inadvertently tapped into a call for action. A few individuals did not only want to talk about the systematic unrest and discrimination, but wanted to invoke change and create new perspectives on the inevitable fate that we all envisioned ahead if were not to act. Out of the participants of the POP group chat, 6 passionate individuals answered the call to action.
Each of us, being in different geographical locations in Texas, having diverse economical standing and career paths heard the call loud and clear. All of us were already serving our communities in different ways but felt the yearning to do more and be more active. New Perspective Development Nonprofit Organization was born as a melting pot of initiatives and services that each founding member feels passionate about. POP yielded something bigger than any of us could have imagined.
Q: What do you want those who come in contact with your organization to gain?
For those who come in contact with our members and NPD as a whole, we would like them to see our passion in the involvement of the community. Also having a knowledge of self and realizing your own potential in reaching your goals. We want people to understand that “everything starts with an idea” and if you want to put forth actions instead of words, find a support system and move forward.
Q: What are the biggest concerns that New Perspective Development wishes to tackle?
 NPD has a number of initiatives to convey:
(A) Our mentor initiatives are important because our youth are our future. NPD would like to provide tools and resources to youth and young adults through workshops, giveaways, and scholarships that will set a suitable path for the future endeavors of the attendees.  We are also looking to host a school supply drive to give back to grade school children in exchange for admittance.
(B) Bringing awareness to black businesses and creating a network among ourselves. Black Business Enhancement: we seek to use our network of seasoned business administration professionals to: develop innovative marketing strategies, product presentation and refine company’s code of ethics. By providing “at cost” consultation work, but allowing businesses to pay for their own needed enhancements, we create the space to grow without hindering or falsely inflating the business by offering endless free services. By allowing business owners the opportunity to showcase their community involvement, we hope to create a more personal means of community support and lasting connections. By choosing to create these “custom business boot camps” NPD seeks heighten the overall impact of the black business in the global marketplace. As we continue to strengthen and alter the level of expectancy and elevate the standard of commerce for the black community, we plan to see economic growth in all aspects!
(C) NPD’s goal was to bring awareness to an issue and giving a voice to the unheard individuals you see sleeping on the streets. They received from us: Clothes, gift cards, blankets, water etc….we are giving the perspective view of the streets within Houston, TX!
Q: Where do you see NPD in 5 years?
In 5 years we would like to see all of NPD initiatives listed above fully recognized by the community. (A) Constant scholarships created for the underprivileged youth communities of Texas. (B) Besides Houston, create a Texas wide homeless initiative to continue to cater to those less fortunate that others. (C) Potentially own office spaces for black businesses to come together and execute their business goals in an environment in which their support system will be at their disposal. (D) To do consulting work for upcoming non-profit organizations that are responsible for keeping the community 1st.
new perspective development
Q: In the short time the organization has existed, what has been the biggest accomplishment or impact thus far?
NPD biggest accomplishments were our “Feeding The Streets” program. In which we fed 150 homeless kings and queens of Houston, TX with the help of over 30 volunteers. The volunteers received food and community service hours and letters of recommendation (all upon request). We also have a scholarship available entitled “Keep Fighting” which is inspired by Muhammad Ali after his passing. It is more than a physical fight in the socio-economical disadvantaged community. We sold T-Shirts for the scholarship and raised over $1,500 in which a recipient about to graduate high school will acquire. We also have our annual “The Gift” concert in Houston, Tx. In collaboration with Love Lifted Music, both times we have sold out our venue. The purpose of this concert is to have fun of course, but to build a platform for young artists with a positive message. The power of music is unrealized and if you can educate through, the people can be motivated to make change. The proceeds of the concert goes to our youth initiative programs and the functionality of our organization.