Houston-based R&B songstress Erva Carter released an end-of-year song that we’ll gladly carry into 2017.

While 2016 was hard for a lot of people, you have to admit a lot of great music came out of it. Some songs were the kind that made you turn up in the club, some made you want to want to hop in your car and turn on cruise control, and some made you want to find bae and let him know what’s good…Erva Carter’s single, “WWD,” definitely makes you want to do the last one.

Released in December, “WWD” is a cuffing season anthem. Carter’s sultry and smooth yet powerful voice comes through clearly, with an effortless vibrato and entrancing melody. The first words of the song, “We can die at any moment now,” offer an urgency to be with the subject of the song and lets the listener know where the song is going. As you continue to listen, you are drawn in by the uncertain direction of the story Carter is telling, and the unpredictability of the rhythm. “WWD” is one of those songs that you have to really listen to several times before you are able to sing along, but that’s OK – you’re going to want to listen to it more than once.

“WWD,” which stands for “What We Do,” is not explained until a little over halfway through the 3-minute groove. A female “They Don’t Know”-Jon B-R&B slow jam in its own rite, “WWD” is a tune about making the most of your time together with your lover. This is grown folks’ music, for sure. Carter croons in her mature, Alina Baraz-esque voice, “Take me over, take me over, take me over,” but her voice is just melodic enough to wear the lines are more sultry and entrancing than sexual. The vibes are strong with this one.

Erva Carter's latest single, "WWD."

Erva Carter’s latest single, “WWD.”

The backing track is minimalistic, beginning with what sounds like chimes, graduating to an ambient, relaxing air before landing in a full blown R&B groove. It seems as if the focus of the song is on Carter’s voice instead of the beat, because it certainly shines through. You’ll want to close your eyes, lay back, and let her take you away.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go far to experience the vibes. Take a listen to “WWD” below, and if you dig Erva, check out her SoundCloud and support her by buying her music on iTunes.