The Raveen Alexis presents Positive Self-Talk

positive self-talk

With 2016 being rough for some and eye-opening for others, Raveen Alexis brings to you her quarterly positive self-talk event with new year intentions in mind. This will be the third journaling workshop that Raveen has hosted and she’s excited to see her groups growing and evolving. Everyone finds different ways to release and refocus and journaling is turning into a major one. I’m obsessed with buying any cute journal I come across.

Join The Raveen Alexis and a group of diverse and dynamic individuals to start your new year off right by focusing on some major goals and intentions you wish to manifest this year. Reserve your spot here.

The Positive Self-Talk will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 11:30AM-1:00PM at Folklore Films, 4118 Fannin St., Houston, TX

“My journaling workshops have helped me in the way that they’ve helped others. People who have never journaled before experienced how important their words are. I focus on positive self-talk because we are the first people that we hear from. Writing things down makes them a bit more real so, if we are writing down positive things to ourselves, we are more prone to believe them and proceed to live out our lives that way. I also just wanted to create a safe space where people feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable. We write, share, and express which is essential in a community. The more we talk positively to ourselves, the more we talk positively to one another.” – Raveen Alexis