The “best Mexican rapper since SPM’s incarceration,” Doeman, performed his longest set to date this past weekend.

As if to show us what we can expect from him in 2017, Doeman’s last show of 2016 was also a first – his longest set to date and his first headliner.

Coming off of a pretty amazing year as an artist – dropping his project Outer Body Experience, having Shea Serrano promote his project on Twitter resulting in a ton of new fans and listeners, having the same project listed as number two on Houston Press’s list of “Best Houston Rap Tapes of 2016” with a nod to “American Me” as one of the “10 Best Houston Rap Songs of 2016” and the dropping of the “American Me” video, then, to our listening pleasure, dropping Barrio God Vol. 1 at the end of the year (and I’m sure I missed something else) – Doeman has steadily made forward movement toward becoming more than a local artist. I’ve been following Doeman for quite some time – since his unexpected “Shook Ones” freestyle – and I was aware of his lyrical prowess and I had seen shorter sets, but this past weekend I was very impressed.

DJ Mentoz opening for Doeman. (Photo: Brian Junior)

MentoZ Fresh opening for Doeman. (Photo: Brian Junior @brianjunior__)

The show at Walter’s Downtown was packed full of friends, family, and fans who seem to have been down with the Barrio God for a long time, rapping every word and responding almost immediately when the tracks started up.

Before Doeman’s set, the audience was able to enjoy sounds by local DJ MentoZ Fresh and DJ IV, who provided the vibes before the headliner hit the stage. By the time the opener, Bamsworth Belli hit the stage, the audience was anxious and primed to hear their favorite rapper.

DJ IV opening for Doeman. (Photo: Brian Junior)

DJ IV opening for Doeman. (Photo: Brian Junior)

The 45-minute set went flawlessly. My favorite moments include watching audience members try to keep up with him as he hit those 90 mph flows in songs like “Same Way” (only after pulling Propain on stage for the same song!), his performance of “Left Eye x Aaliyah” (because swoon), the mini mosh pits that popped up sporadically, and how live even I got in the back of the venue with DJ IV during “Gold N Diamonds” and “FWMN.”

Doeman and Propain performing "Same Way." (Photo: Brian Junior)

Doeman and Propain performing “Same Way.” (Photo: Brian Junior)

The most impressive aspect of the entire night is that he pulled off such a live show seeing as how before we even saw Doeman that night, he tweeted out about the passing of a good friend of his, and dedicated the show to him. It takes a real professional to deliver such a hype show for such a long set without practically passing out, period, but it’s even more remarkable that he did so after hearing such news. Even more admirable was watching the rapper stay after to use that charming smile to take photos with every fan (and maybe a writer or two *wink*) who wanted a flick. Not only did Doeman officially prove how much he loves his fans, he proved what an immaculate professional he is. In a concert climate where we see seasoned artists trashing stages and/or walking off at the slightest technical difficulty, it’s refreshing to see a 22-year-old rapper hold his own after such an emotionally draining night.

If 2016 was the year of legends passing, 2017 just might be the year we find some new ones like Doeman finally getting the shine they deserve.

Keep your eyes on this one.

**Prayers to Doeman and his friends during this difficult time.**

"H-Town Forever" (Photo by Brian Junior)

“H-Town Forever” (Photo by Brian Junior)