Keeping up with Hive tradition we’ve adopted several families to provide a great holiday!

While I can’t believe 2016 has come and gone so quickly, I’m glad it’s the most wonderful time of the year here at the hive. 2016 marks our third year of adopting deserving families to bring a little holiday cheer in the midst of difficult journeys. As always, we couldn’t provide these grand gestures of kindness without the love and support of you, our friends and family.

Continuing our longstanding relationship with Neighborhood Centers Inc., we adopted 2 of our 3 families through their holiday sponsorship program. Families work with their case worker to write letters asking for support to make their holidays a little easier. While each letter has been edited for brevity, as well as to maintain some privacy, the spirit of the letters are untouched.

Family #1

This year has been one of the hardest times of our life besides when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. We thrive through struggles but me losing my five-figure salary in the oil and gas industry has hit us hard. From losing all my savings to debt, my bills have become overdue and I’m struggling to not only feed my two girls, but to clothe them is also hard. My girls are used to having more than enough ; now they barely are fed well unless my mom, who we stay with, pitches in, which is hard because she recently lost her job. I want to get back on my feet to be able to supply the basic needs for my daughters. I have one preparing for college that needs the support to finish her last two years of high school and another just starting her educational journey. I have exhausted all my job leads and bills are steady coming so if you decide to help, anything like clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, blankets and toys that assist in the learning process. Again, thanks for choosing my struggling family; your gifts will go to great use.

Family #1 is in great need of uniforms for the school-age children. Blue collared shirts and khaki pants. Other wish list items include learning tablets, soccer shin guards and cleats, and a bike. Additionally, diapers and wipes for the 10 month old are desperately needed. To help fulfill their needs, check out the Amazon wishlist or email us for  more information.

help the hive adopt a family

Family #2

I am a 34-year-old stay-at-home mom, with a large, tight-knit family to care for. A few months ago my husband lost hs job and we are having a hard time supporting our family. We both have attempted to find a job but neither have had no luck yet, we want to help our family move forward from this difficulty. We have struggled to pay our bills and keep putting food on the table for our children. We have a 10-month-old baby who we have to provide with diapers and formula which is very expensive for us. We cannot even begin to think about providing our children with Christmas presents this year, if we having a hard time just paying bills. We would like to at least make our boys happy this holiday season,

Family #2 expressed that clothing is their biggest need. Mom needs professional clothes for interviews and both girls are in need of clothing suitable for the cold weather. We’ve added lots of gift ideas for the family to our Amazon wishlist, but if you have other ideas on how to assist, please email us.

Family #3 was nominated by a friend of the Hive. Lauren interns at Project Row House and asked if The Hive could help make the holidays a little more special for one of the PRH’s Young Mothers Residential Program participants.

B* is a 22 years old single mother of three boys, ages 18 months and 8 months old twins. While attending online school, B works part-time at Project Row Houses and is a part of their Young Mothers Residential program. She’s an exceptional young woman, and we would greatly appreciate if The Hive Society would fulfill her Young Mothers Residential Program Christmas wish list.

Project Row House shared B’s wish list which included items such as age-appropriate learning and development toys for each son, a coffee maker and other kitchen appliances, a gift card for dinner to her favorite restaurant, and makeup brushes. Other needs include diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. We’ve added lots of gift ideas for B and her baby boys to our Amazon wishlist, but if you have other ideas on how to assist, please email us.

The holiday season can be emotoinally overwhelming for some people. While the neighborhoods become festive with lights and Christmas trees illuminate windows, it seems that most people snuggle right into more kind dispositions. People become cheery; strangers seem to be more familiar. No matter what this holiday season means to you, you cannot deny that there’s definitely a shift in how humans interact. I truly wish that people could be this kind and giving year-round, but I’ll take it whenever I can get it. We hope you will continue to support The Hive’s efforts and contribute to our 2016 holiday initiative!

Ways to help The Hive adopt our families

Amazon Wishlist

Enjoy the thrill of online shopping as much as we do? We created an Amazon Wishlist for our adopted families which allows you to shop ship directly to the Hive Society. Having trouble picking? If you’d prefer that we do the shopping for you, please send an Amazon e-gift card to sure to add The Hive Society to your Amazon Smile profile and a small portion of all your Amazon shopping will be donated to us. It’s the most effortless way to support your fave charity (Us, we’re your favorite charity!)


If you’re more interested in making a monetary donation to each family, you can use The Hive’s PayPal button! Whether it’s $5 or $50, all funds donated via our PayPal button will go directly to meeting each family’s needs. As a bonus, PayPal’s Giving Fund will match 1% of every donation. [Source] You can send your donation via PayPal to

Facebook Fundraiser

On #GivingTuesday, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Facebook partnered to give non-profits a chance to reach their fundraising goals, twofold. All funds raised through The Hive Society’s Facebook fundraiser will be matched up to $1,000 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Facebook is waiving all fees.

Let’s figure it out together!

If you have additional resources or any large items that you’d be willing to donate, please email with the subject line “Adopt a Family” and we’ll help you make arrangements!

From our Hive Family to yours, we wish you a happy holidays!