The 2nd Editon…

Dan Rather, “Valerie’s Letter Part II”, is the latest installment from the instrumental Punisher balanced by the melody’s vibe liberator (RaSan) for our experience’s pleasure. Of course, I am bias in my appeal to the track, but if you are familiar with the music then you would feel the same as moi. However, if you disagree that this track here is not master level hip hop execution then, well, you can eat (or just have the thought of eating) whatever gives you intense stomach pains and causes projectile vomiting leaving you crippled on the floor!

That’s just so you can grasp how vivid and graphic these composed lyric are and the way “Valerie’s Letter Part Deaux” production is cut and layered together to make this PB&J an awesome contribution to the list of hip hop snacks these artist have already feed us with. Enjoy but if you find it hard to then call 911/uber to get a ride to the ER so you can get triaged.

til next time…Peace!!!