You-tubers, subscribers, and make-up junkies a like, brace yourself for CoverGirl’s newest face, make-up guru James Charles.

With the beauty industry constantly evolving, it was only a matter of time before the drugstore brand campaigned for a male ambassador —  It’s quite iconic, honestly… With nearly 90,000 YouTube subscribers (and counting) this opportunity couldn’t come at a better time. Charles’ face also recently went viral as the YouTube star senior photos broke the internet. Originally he took them without his ringlight subjecting him to a glow-less portrait. However, on the second attempt his glow standards were satisfied after bringing his ringlight to the shoot. He jokingly took to his Twitter and said…
“So I retook my senior photos & brought my ring light with me so my highlight would be poppin. I love being extra.”
CoverGirl James Charles

Photo via Queerty.

CoverGirl’s social media handles announced the partnership with James Charles on #NationalComingOutDay, an ideal date for the upcoming guru and followers who aspire to be him.  The 17-year-old sensation is sure to make an impression with consumers as his unique aesthetic resonates with the brands market. The announcement received high praise via Instagram whose social media users were virtually high-fiving the company. Comments like “OMG this makes me so happy and emotional,” to ” I love this so much so so so so much. Thank you for doing this!” Of course some comments entered were from your everyday trolls, but a good majority stemmed from utter joy and excitement for this groundbreaking move.
 CoverGirl James Charles

Posing with CoverGirl Katy Perry on set. Photo via YZGeneration.

James Charles YouTube channel has only been published for a mere 7 months, but with a following so strong his views are quite impressive. His Instagram page is what truly put him on the map and after taking a hint from fans he created his first tutorial back in March of 2016. Luckily for him, his skills and determination has brought him to CoverGirls’ doors. Following Benefit CosmeticsMakeup Geek, and now CoverGirl it’s refreshing to see the beauty industry slowly transiting into accepting men and boys who slay face for sport. Charles debut commercial will introduce the So Lashy! by blastPRO Mascara for CoverGirl. Stay tune to see him on a TV screen near you!