Earlier this year The Hive Society hosted our first Bee Humane Campaign where we packaged necessary toiletry items into backpacks to hand out to the homeless population in Houston.

As part of the feedback from the community, many of the women on the street voiced how happy they were to receive period related items.  This is a subject that has only recently seemed to come into public consciousness.  Items like these are not typically donated to shelters or handed out on the street.

Periods are something that most women have to deal with, and even with the loads of comforts that many of us can afford, it can still feel, at the very least uncomfortable.  With women being the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, periods are something that millions of women have to contend with while also contending with homelessness.

I came across #HappyPeriod a few months ago on Instagram.  The organization is described as “a social movement of girlfriends coming together to provide menstrual hygiene kits the homeless population with periods.”  The organization was started after the founder, Chealsea Vonchaz, happened upon a homeless women who was very visibly on her period.  That woman inspired her to start the organization and assist already marginalized women with what is universally considered a difficult time.


#HappyPeriod holds monthly gatherings in the Los Angeles areas where they pack menstrual hygiene kits and pass them out to the homeless women in that area.  #HappyPeriod has already expanded to the Toronto and is hoping to expand to many other major cities.

You can support the organization by purchasing t-shirts, pins, and donating to their gofundme here. By donating, you could help bring the movement to your community! If you want to host a #HappyPeriod gathering and they will send you bags, brochures, and stickers!