I remember getting up every weekend, faithfully, to catch the lineup of One Saturday Morning cartoons.

First of all, let me tell you that I reached this point of reminiscence by way of such a severe rabbit hole that I became concerned for my own well-being. Picture it: woke up for an early morning bathroom break, around 4:30am (we’re cool, I can say that right?). Picked up my phone, of course, to see what was poppin’ in the wee hours of the morning only to notice that a friend of a friend shared some random post of mine. Now I’m casually stalking this person, only because I vaguely remember them being at BU while I was there (I mean, I probably would’ve stalked them regardless, but that’s neither here nor there).


First post I see is a meme of what I used to call “the channel channel”– the TV Guide channel where you had to be diligent and vigilant in trying to see what was poppin’ on your favorite channels so you could decide where to settle in for the half hour/hour block. For me, in Small Town, Central Texas, I was looking out for Cartoon Network on 37, Nickelodeon on 49/50 and, when we came up and got it, Disney on 65. All I needed, nothing more. Actually, BET was 35 but that was always a it of a risk. Didn’t care much for any single digit channels, that is until Saturday morning hit. Then, I went straight to ABC to catch all the dope shows that my brother and I missed by not having Disney until like ’99/2000.

From September 1997 to September 2002 (a good chunk of puberty for most), ABC gave us kids “five hours of summer, once a week,” with shows like the Hercules animated series, Lloyd in Space, Recess and Pepper Ann. On its way out, I’d cling to NBA Inside Stuff with Ahmad Rashad and Summer Sanders for a bit as well.


The ending of the program’s original programming was honestly a perfect transition for me as I was entering my preteen/teen years at that time, which meant I was either sleeping all Sunday morning anyway or I was at whatever sporting event caught my eye at the time. While I never, and will never, completely let go of cartoons (because why?), millennials like myself have seen the end of many an awesome show. The nostalgia of cartoons and cereal on a Saturday morning may be no longer. Our mornings, now, are jam packed with sleep, work and philanthropy.


Thanks to the almighty internet, we can still view many of these series on YouTube. Adulthood is constantly trying to pull us away from happiness, but we don’t have to go gentle into that good night. Indulging is never more than a few clicks away!