St. Louis’ Own $eals Follows Up His New Track “ZEN” With Some Very Cool Visuals.


I’m always glad to share music & people I feel deserve to be given credit for their work ethic & their passion. $eals is one of these people.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, $eals gives us some pretty artistic visuals for his newest track ZENWhat I loved most about this video was the fact that $seals’ personal artwork & custom designs were seen heavily all throughout the video. I’m a huge fan of individuality, so even if you don’t like or respect something, you HAVE to respect individuality & risk. In this video we see $eals casually chilling in the woods with some mysterious friends as he smoothly raps about overcoming negativity,  going after what you want, & not stopping until you get it.

Perfect song to motivate you to get up off your a** & do something. Go ahead & put this on your morning motivation playlist.

Official Video: