Apparently I’m late to the game but my Sango Pandora station has been giving me such good vibes this last month. It’s the perfect music to work to during the day and mellow enough to chill out to at night. Every once in awhile I’ll hear a song or a beat that makes me stop what I’m doing to go see who the artist is. Lately, Canadian electronic singer, songwriter, vocalist, and producer, Jessy Lanza has caught my attention. Something about her music is so eclectic and nostalgic all at once. It’s an ethereal feeling honestly. I remember I heard her song ” I Talk BB” and felt Prince vibes mixed into her electric beats.

It’s really an amazing experience. I first heard her music on FTF4 constructed by our very own DJ AudiTory. Jessy caught my ears with “Kathy Lee.” Straight vibes.  I don’t want to necessarily compare her to a female Toro y Moi BUT I would love to see them collaboration together or go on tour– the show would be EPIC. Even if you watch some of her video; I’m feeling the same eclectic vibes from Jessy as I do Toro.

She’s so mysterious. Even though she does have a following on social media, she still remains out the spotlight. With a look like the modern day Twiggy, she definitely provides a refreshing vibe. Between Jessy Lanza, Toro y Moi, Kaytranada, Alina Baraz, and The Internet; my playlist is complete. Check out my favorite Jessy Lanza song, “Pull My Hair Back.”