Lee-Lonn just dropped a new one on his SoundCloud called “Plantains” and it’s already on repeat.

Lee-Lonn is amazing, we know this already. He never disappoints in his personal artistry, nor in his production. If you’re following him on Snapchat, you’ve been seeing him type “Plantains” across every snap. After the first one, I thought he was cooking and I was gonna see if I could come get a plate. But then I saw it a bunch (pun intended) more, and I knew it was something different. I tried to wait and see what he was talking about, but I had to message him after the 500th snap and ask, “What does it meeeeaaannnnn????” The answer was just as delicious as my original yet incorrect suspicion: a new single.

You’re going to be tempted to believe “Plantains” isn’t a freestyle, but it is. Laced over Chance the Rapper’s “Living Single,” “Plantains” is a collaboration with the Hive’s very own DJ AudiTory. It starts out with Lee-Lonn having a phone call with “Bae,” and she all of a sudden has to get off the phone so she won’t mess up what she’s cooking – plantains. If it sounds sketchy to you, it is. Throughout the song, Bae seems to get more and more flaky, although from the lyrics her distance may not entirely be her fault. Lee-Lonn describes what can only be his falling for her but failure to tell her (And I had to back off you/Cause you were too tempting/And I wanna apologize/For making you believe/That I, didn’t want a thing with you/And you, weren’t the one for me/And now I fantasize/You coming home to me).

When you're Lee-Lonn and you know your latest single is a hit.

When you’re Lee-Lonn and you know your latest single is a hit.

Lee-Lonn sings in the smooth R&B style we expect from him, as if he is, in fact, on a sweet phone call with the lady he’s trying to court. We’re all waiting for it, and then around the 1:30 mark he hits the falsetto that makes us go, “SAAANG, LEE-LONN!” every time (or maybe it’s just me).

We haven’t heard from Lee-Lonn since earlier this summer with “Wildfire,” but if he keeps coming out with songs like this, we’re willing to wait.