Richmond, Virgnia’s own, Fly Anakin, Gives Us A Short EP Full Of Gems.

fly anakin

Fly Anakin is truly one of my favorite underground hip-hop artists of our generation. It’s very rare to come across an artist that appreciates the authenticity of true hip-hop & that classic sound. To me, nothing can beat that classic feel of true hip-hop music. Fly Anakin doesn’t hold back when it comes to this. His newest release, “Velvet Type Joints,” is exactly what the title suggest. Every track is full of that true, smooth, classic feel full of lyricism & amazing production full of samples that’ll have you scrambling to find where they came from. Fly Anankin had some help from producers Ohbliv, DJ Harrison & Mr. Dibiase, along with a dope feature from his Mutant Academy member Koncept Jackson. Bless your ears by listening to the entire project below. Kick back, relax, & take in some real music.

Stream Below: