Frank Ocean is the deadbeat dad of R&B. I loved Channel Orange.  If you knew 2012 Brittany, you knew I was obsessed with that album.  I listened to it incessantly, I spent an inordinate amount of time deciphering themes and meanings to the songs.  I read and reread his open letter.  I defended his Grammy performance.  I was a Stan!

Fast forward a few years and I’m not even sure if Frank Ocean ever actually existed. Was he part of collective hallucination shared by millions of millennials?  He’s gone completely silent with the exception of a few whimpers on Kanye West songs, leading people to wildly speculate on his next move.  Personally, I could tolerate this silence, he doesn’t owe me anything, but, he insists on playing bald-headed games.

boys cry all the time

Rewind to last year, Frank hinted in an interview that he would be releasing an album in July of that year.   All the Stans, myself included, went wild, the countdown began.  July came and went, we waited patiently only to be met by continued silence.  A whole other July comes around and once again, Christopher Edwin Breaux is playing games with us. He’s added a graphic to his site, alluding to a new release date, November, for Boys Don’t Cry.

This brings me to my original point.  Frank Ocean is the deadbeat dad of R&B.  He calls you on a Saturday morning, feeling like being a good dad, and tells you he’s going to take you to movies.  This hypes you up because you’re a stupid kid and even though you only see the dude twice a year, you guys always have so much fun together.  You put on the shirt he bought you last time you saw him and sit on the front steps and wait on him.  But unbeknownst to your dumb ass, he later decided against being a good dad that day.  Now it’s getting dark and your mom is looking at you sadly at first, because your terrible father is going to make you jaded, then incredulously because she never actually thought you were so stupid.  Frank Ocean not coming. Boys Don’t Cry is the movie you’re never going to see. You might see it with your step dad, Miguel, but it won’t be the same.

Aaand after a month, I am finally back from Africa. Zambia has been called the cradle of the orphan crisis. Of the 10 million people that populate Zambia, 2 million are AIDS orphans that are left to fend for themselves and their siblings alone. And we went—70 North American teenagers and young adults—to go and change the lives we could. We held a camp with 300 orphans: clothing them, feeding them, giving them a place to live. The thought of "white celebrities" coming to hug and play with them brought tears to their eyes. We loved children that never felt what it is like to be loved. My goal, is simply to attempt to give you the slightest taste of what we saw. The hearts that broke. The tears we shed. My goal is to give all of you a look into Zambia—a glimpse into the Heart of an Orphan. view on black ( )

Do not get me wrong,  I think Frank Ocean is a phenomenal artist, and if this album were to ever actually materialize, I would be all over it.  My message to you is this: stop hunting for clues to Christopher Francis Ocean’s new album because he very obviously does not care about us. Instead we should all love and cherish the R&B artists who continue to regularly put out quality R&B.