As we are currently faced with extreme and exhausting times, an uplifting playlist is much needed. This playlist is meant to encourage, feel good, and motivate. Below are tracks listed to do just that.

Add these songs to your current “Good Vibez Only” playlist or use these as your starting point. Within recent years and unfortunately present day, the black community has endured challenging times at the hands of the justice system. We have been unheard and mistreated based on the color of our skin. This uplifting playlist is for us. Us who know these unlawful actions all too well. Those who have been targeted by the police or know of those that have. Listen to these songs first thing in the morning to guide your day or right before closing your eyes for a peaceful nights rest. Whatever the case, use these uplifting records to, uplift. Hopefully these song will find you well in keeping your spirits high :).

Janelle Monae  “Electric Lady”

Janelle Monae The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Monae posing at the BET Awards’16, photo courtesy of Hawt Celebs.


This track is for all of my beautiful sisters on the front lines. The ones who motivate and encourage our men to be great and to shine. For the single mothers raising their kids without aid, or to the college students looking to defeat the odds of graduating at the top of your class. You are an Electric Lady, you are the very element of this country and what makes it great. You are the example that many will copy but never be able to duplicate. You are Queen!

Kendrick Lamar “Alright”

Kendrick Lamar The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

King Kendrick giving a bone-chilling performance at The Grammy’s 2016. Photo courtesy of Variety.

Kendrick Lamar has a way of highlighting experiences and delivering them with dramatic wordplay and sick visuals. “Alright” is no different, as this may be considered the ultimate black millennial anthem. From the moment of playing this song off of Lamar’s sophomore album,  To Pimp A Butterfly, there was an immediate vibe that attracted me. The hype lyrics and ear drumming sound gives you a feeling like no other.

Chance the Rapper ft. Jay Electronica “How Great”

Chance the Rapper The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Chance performing at the 2016 ESPYs, photo courtesy of Billboard.

This track here is definitely one for the books! The record opens with a gospel choir and his cousin Nicole leading followed by Chance breaking the beat and switching up the genre, and then followed by Jay Electronica’s rhymes of overcoming his past. Both lyricist deliver moving words that uplift and put facts into retrospect.

En Vogue “Free Ya Mind”

En Vogue The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

This Grammy nominated tune speaks on the harsh realities of stereotypes within the black community, telling people to “free ya mind,” and in turn life will flow a lot easier. It discuss the prejudice on not wanting to learn and understand someone, but to only pass judgement. If you consider the countries climate right now, this song is the perfect ice breaker when having a conversation about discrimination and unjustly actions.

Kanye West ft. T-Pain “Good Life”

Kanye West The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Photo courtesy of Hyebeast.

“Good Life,” is just the perfect feel good track, simply put. It works for congratulating your blessings or just nodding your head as you put in work.

Chloe x Halle “Fall”

Chloe x Halle The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Parkwood Entertainment starlets have made huge waves with EP Sugar Symphony . In particular, “Fall” is a track that takes you on a tranquil journey. Citing “So what if the rain falls? Let’s find the gold at the end of the rainbow.” Hence, the duo is telling listeners to ignore the sadness and focus on the light at the end of your tunnel. We’re almost there!

Common “For the People”

Common The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Photo courtesy of NYPost.

Because Common. Yes, because Common. This song is Common’s thank you letter to the black community.

2pac “Keep Ya Head Up”

Tupac The Hive Society Uplifting Playlist

Photo courtesy of One a Day.

This old time classic, “Keep Ya Up,” comes last on the list. Tupac displays empathy and optimism on this record while staying true to his conscious rap style.

Music is meant to draw an emotion out of the listener. Playlist can be categorized by theme to console any mood. If these songs have not inspired you in some way, hopefully the artist here have. Hopefully, they can help with creating your own uplifting playlist.