We’re all trying to eat better, buy local, cook daily, etc, etc. It’s hard! It’s especially hard when you don’t have access to fresh produce. Nu Waters Co-Op is changing that for the historic Third Ward in the Eldorado Ball Room building.

Inspired by sister market, Wheatsville Co-Op in South Austin, Texas, Nu Water, a Black-owned Co-Op, has a simple mission, to “provide fresh food to an area recently identified as a food desert.”

With GMO’s and all the unhealthy things added to our food and water supply, we are all suffering from the affects mainstream food sources. So, as wonderful as the food illusions appear to be, we all need to return to food basics and eat local foods free of harmful things.

Nu Waters has membership opportunities and like so many co-ops is dependent on the kindness of its volunteers to maintain the farms and gardens and the co-op; they’re not known as “cooperatives” without reason!

At The Hive Society, we’ve spent a lot of time and numerous events educating the public about food insecurity within our great city: how it effects children, adults, working families and solutions for this problem. Fresh food is not a privilege of any one community. We are all owed access to good and good-for-you foods! Nu Waters Co-Op is just one more opportunity for Houstonians to enrich themselves with local goods.

Support local. Support Black-owned businesses. Support nutrition.

To become a member of Nu Water Co-Op or to volunteer, click here.

For more information regarding the importance of co-ops, click here.

All media courtesy of Nu Waters Co-Op.