Say it with me, “S E L F C A R E.”
A viable necessity in these trying times.

It can be in the form of retail therapy, a solid workout to blow off steam, a spa treatment or a lit night out. However you need to take care of yourself, do it and do so often.

Some friends and I decided to get some R&R by way of a girls weekend getaway. In a state larger than most countries put together, venturing into central and east Texas is a task burdened by a 4+ hour drive from inner city Houston. We rented a quaint cabin in the middle of Llano, Texas on the river by the same name: no wi-fi, limited cell use, no feeds of police brutality or mindless politics. Just 100 degree heat, bugs we’ve never seen and long winding dirt roads. Glamorous, I know!

GirlZ Weekend Llano (69)

In the middle of nowhere we brought cards and question games like playing never have I ever, gossiped and watched movies. The cabin provided hula hoops, had a trampoline, a sand volleyball court and the main selling attraction for our group, kayaks! Half of us had kayaked before, myself included, but for all practical purposes we were a bunch of novice city gals trying to be adventurous and outdoors-y. Luckily, the Llano river was still water, un-moving and unchanging until we reached a couple of small rapids of rushing water. The water wasn’t very deep, even standing 5 feet and a couple of inches tall, I was comfortable in the beautiful BLUE water. Not all of us were athletic, not all of us even knew how to swim, but we collectively stepped [paddled] outside of our comfort zone and waded through the waters. We spent a few hours in the cooler morning before it became one scorching afternoon.

Most of central Texas is known for their resorts and vino. We chose to visit a winery none of us had ever gone to before, Perissos Vineyard and Winery in Burnet, Texas just shy of an hour from our cabin in Llano.

Perissos is Greek for exceeding abundantly, beyond what is expected, imagined, or hoped for

Perissos is family owned and operated: the family lives upstairs of the winery, the dogs roam the facilities freely and the horses and other farm life have their own piece of the land. Perissos offers a very generous wine tasting of 3 reds and 3 whites. The wines are purely Texan grown grapes, crafted with care and harvested by hand. We sampled of their reds the 2014 Italian Stallion, 2014 Aglianico and my favorite the 2014 Tempranillo. Each red was better than the last! I will always choose a red wine over a white wine, however the white wines we tried were some of the best I’ve ever tasted, including their 2014 Viognier, 2014 Roussanne and 2014 Serendipity.
Everyone of the wines were delicious. But it was a very special bottle of Fiorre, much like a blend of an orange muscrat wine, that stole my heart. It was so unique, I’ve never tasted a wine, red, white or otherwise, like it. Floral and fruity and full but light. Never did I think I’d leave with a white wine, let alone a white wine with a sweet streak in it.

Girls Weekend (56)

We spent the rest of the weekend grilling and chilling at our cabin- burgers, sausages, veggie skewers, corn and smores! But we didn’t want to do ALL of the work, so a trip to the world-class BBQ joint, Cooper’s! Cooper’s serves “old time pit barbecue” where “it’s all about the meat.” Is it ever! Links and sauce and chicken and ribs and jalapenos and the biggest pork chops I’ve ever seen. All barbecue restaurants are indulgent, but Cooper’s takes the cake – or rather the cobbler – as one of the most generously portioned meals I’ve ever had. That’s saying a ton in a state where everything’s bigger! Smokey, delicious goodness in multiple locations throughout this great state.

In conclusion, take care of yourself and try something new! You don’t always need a passport to explore and live your best life. Look around the corner, you might be surprised on what adventures are sitting right in your own backyard.


All Perissos Media courtesy of Perissos Vineyard
All Cooper’s Media courtesy of Cooper’s BBQ Inc.