ANF has what you need to make this Cold Summer a little hotter…

So for those in need of a serving, the movie premier at AMC 30 was a suitable entree of creativity, passion and talent.

ANF and Headwreckas Ent. teamed up to bless the people with a film that was a by-product of musical collaboration between artists, Q. Guyton and Douughbeezy. The two joined forces as Vidi O’lord and Slow in an attempt to reclaim some stolen information. During their journey the protagonists encounter random characters and situations. With music produced by Ben Wade and work by Pirate Fame Visuals, this joy ride was a plotted course of excitement and stunning visuals for our senses to be captivated by.

That evening, the two gentlemen were in high spirits and the success of the project out shined the temporary theater change and technical difficulties that tried to derail the night. For these talented artists to host a premier in the AMC and have the turn out they had, it was an awesome experience.  They gave us a thoughtful and precise visuals to compliment the explosive and vibrant music, making it the hottest installment this COLD SUMMER!

Check out some stills from the premiere of Cold Summer below:

til next time…Peace!!!