Shower to the People! Shout it out! This 501(c)3 powered by Orthodox Christian Group FOCUS North America, is providing one of the most essential needs and simplest pleasures to the homeless population of the greater St. Louis, Missouri area: a good, clean, nice, hot shower.


“Shower to the People seeks to Restore Dignity, Foster Hope, and Empower Upward Mobility to our friends and neighbors living on the streets”

In a time where everything is on wheels, whether for convenience or for a “hip” factor, from food trucks to fashion shops to photography booths to pet grooming, it’s no surprise that a task as necessary as showering, would also find its way onto wheels and axles.

How does Shower to the People work?

The truck contains two private shower units with two exposed sinks complete with all the fixin’s, including toothbrush and toothpaste, soaps and gels, razors and shave creams, pads and tampons. One of the products given to the patrons of Shower to the People is handmade soap given away to those in need and sold to the public to fund the Shower to the People project through The Soap Club. The hands making these soaps – employees previously homeless persons who qualify to work. The brilliant idea to not only bathe and empower, but also to employ those in need is a clear reflection of the core values Shower to the People bases its principles on:

Dignity. Solidarity. Transparency. Friendship. Mastery. Ethics.


The Hive Society launched our #BeeHumane campaign this summer, hosting a hygiene drive to collect and distribute toiletries discretely in backpacks. I admire Shower to the People for taking the basic human needs of hygienic self-care by providing a facility for one to clean themselves. It’s the exposure to the open public when forced to use the water of park lakes or city water fountains that can be potentially humiliating; Shower to the People is able to build trust and protect pride. As the city Houston continues their fight to combat and prevent homelessness, I’d love to see Shower to the People trucks out on the streets. A refreshing shower provides more than the obvious physical health benefits- the emotional and psychological empowerment and confidence that comes along with looking, smelling, and FEELING good about oneself have positive benefits without measure.

Kudos to Power to the People for a brilliant, well executed and positively inspired mission.

All images and media courtesy of Shower to the People’s website and Facebook page.