Jordyn Woods, is a new name in the Curve Modeling world that you should familiarize yourself with. From overnight modeling success to fashion designer, Woods has collaborated with The UK’s go-to shop Boohoo Clothing, for this upcoming fall season. The autumn collection is set to release in mid-September, while the holiday collection is set for later on. The two collections will range in sizes 2-22 with selections of denim, outerwear, and festive party dresses to choose from.

Starting as a child model, then later taking a hiatus— the blushing teen sensation has made quite a name for herself.  From snagging campaigns with Complex to SwimsuitsforallWoods is highly respected for speaking on body positivity and introducing topics on the stigmas of the industry. She mentioned in an interview with The Cut that, 

“Social media is just an online journal. I can post things and help spread positive messages to people — for example, me talking about something that I love about myself might help someone else love that feature about themselves as well.” 

More and more celebs are taking to their Instagram pages to express feelings on frustrating, and empowerment. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Her style is the perfect blend of leisure street style meets Posh Spice. Jordan knows how to glam up casual lewks, while playing off of her vibrant curves. It’s her signature look! And with only a year in the modeling game, and over a million stans on Instagram you can expect more greatness from the young starlet. Assuming the line will be influenced by Woods personal wardrobe, I’m excited to shop some new crop tops! Jordyn released a statement describing her expectations for the design, saying, “This has been an incredible opportunity to design a collection that embraces all body types. There were points in my life growing up when I wanted to dress like other girls my age, but I couldn’t find clothes in my size that were as cute as theirs. With, I have been supported and encouraged to create something that all women can have access to and that I am proud of.”


Carol Kane and Mahmud Kamani, the company’s brand executives echoed their excitement for Jordyn joining the brand. The company’s goal is to create and design stylish products for young women for all shapes, and to encourage self-love. Considering Woods campaign for self-love and body positivity this makes for the perfect fashion marriage.