Brandy Gueary is the creator of Authentically + B. A local blogger, model, and all around fashion maven, Brandy has more than likely appeared on your IG Explore page, or been featured on your favorite photographers page. Her beautiful spirit, and posh style can be seen in each blog post. From fun DIY projects, to unique #OOTD post highlighting an array of designers.

The Hive Society with Brandy Gueary, Brandy Gueary

Brandy, at the Garden Party event posing in her summer ready frock!

Brandy created her hub, shortly after her and her husband purchased their 1920’s cottage home. She listened to her inner voice as most often  ignore, and proceed to post her DIY projects that were taking place in their home. Much of the work she executed and created. Making her home a true representative of herself and her family. Guery also created the blog to educate those in need of DIY assistance. Not everything is as easy as it looks on Pinterest. Luckily, B is here to give aid, and fresh ideas for those looking to tackle any space.

Recently Brandy hosted her first event at Mod Chic Boutique in Rice Village. At the Garden Party guest could view and purchase the shops summer collection. Brandy looked stunning in her exclusive printed frock, as she greeted guest and snapped photos. I got to speak with her about the events turnout. B mentioned how she’s “very blessed to have a family and support system.” The creative wears many hats, as she models as well. After asking her why she chooses to work with local photographers, she noted “because I’m in a position to do so, I work with local photographers… because it’s important to me.”  Houston is filled with talented individuals looking for opportunity, and partnering with a blogger from your city is major! It showcases local talent and provides the community exposure.

Mandee: You are_____, and you ________.

Brandy: I’m Brandy Gueary and I am a full-time Elementary School Teacher, Mom, Wife, Model, and Style and DIY Blogger.

M: What was the inspiration in starting Authentically+B?

B: The inspiration to start my blog came from several places. The most important one is having a positive space online where others can visit and feel confident in their abilities to “do life.” I would get so much positive feed back about my sense of style that it was only natural to share style tips as a huge part of Authentically+B.

The Hive Society Authentically + B

Mesh One Piece Swimsuit | OOTD

M: What has been the best moment so far in your blogging journey? 

B: The best moment so far has been getting an invitation to host a fashion event. It just made me feel like others are paying attention to the work I’ve been putting into blogging. That was the ultimate thank you! 

M: What do you want readers to know about your site?

B: I want readers to know that is easy to navigate and has a little something for the fashionistas and the creatives. I feature other creatives on my blog at least monthly because I think they deserves recognition for what they do.

M: How has creating your lifestyle brand made you a better person?

B: Creating Authentically+B has made me a better person by keeping me true in my everyday dealings and interactions. My blog is completely based around the trust and love that I have for myself. That’s what allows me to stick to my guns in life. Creating this blog helps me to consistently examine my choices and consider why I am making the choices that I make. 

The Hive Society Authentically + B

DIY Yarn Statement Necklace

M: How do you juggle all of your hats? Entrepreneurship, Womanhood, Motherhood, and Friendship?

B: I won’t lie and say it’s easy. My family and friends come first and everything else follows. Motherhood is the job that is always most important. Luckily I have an amazing support system in my  husband, parents, mother in law. When I’m busy and attending different events they are always there to make sure my son is cared for and loved. I literally couldn’t do it with out them. 

M: Sunsets or Shooting Stars?

B: Sunsets for sure! I love them because they aren’t so fleeting. It’s a great example of the beauty that can be found in nature everyday. It’s just up to us to pay attention to it. 

M: What’s the best thing about being a Houston Blogger?

B: The best thing about being a Houston blogger is all the diversity  and new experiences Houston has to offer. There is always great events going and new awesome people to meet. 

M: What is the Bayou City’s most talked about gem?

B: Right now the Bayou City’s most talked about gem is all of the rich talent that is here. So many local designers are finding opportunities and success here. They are working hard to keep manufacturing right here in the city. That’s no easy feat, but it’s happening all over Houston! 

The Hive Society with Brandy Gueary

Cool in Culottes |OOTD

M: Five years from now, I will be _______.

B: Five years from now I will have transitioned to being a full-time blogger! I hope to be working with my favorite brands and have cool videos to show case my DIY projects. 

M: What’s next for Brandy and AuthenticallyB?

B: Up next for me and Authentically+B will be celebrating the blogs 1 year birthday [in] October, working with some international brands, and continuing to grow. Based on this first year, the years to come will be amazing! 

M: Gloss or Matte Lipstick? 

B: Matte!!! Although it can be a bit drying, I think it help brings focus to the actual color on your lips versus just seeing a lot of gloss and shine. I feel like my life changed after I discovered matte lip color. Lol

Mandee: Name your top 3 DIY projects.


1. Putting down hardwood floors in my son’s room when we purchased our home last year. 

2. Restoring our 1920’s claw foot tub for our bathroom. 

3. Horizontal striped wall in our back door entryway. 

The Hive Society with Brandy Gueary

Age of Reason pineapple printed scarf | OOTD

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