I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to get to the future and realize that, no, I don’t have any robots or hovercrafts and that I can’t teleport at will.

With artists like Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes and directors like Hype Williams, I think we got more of the future back then than we do now that we’re here. And by that I mean, more sci-fi, metallic, otherworldly, weird. The late 90s and early 2000s were riddled with shiny silvers and video concepts that blew our mind. Artists like this validated whatever weird, strange and odd things we had that maybe we hid or didn’t understand. Elements included: body paint, space stations, bold make-up, robots and space suits, and more aluminum than a cookout in July. In fact, some of these music videos had me a little apprehensive for a young OG growing up in the 90s/2000s (*cough cough* Missy!). There’s no doubt that these videos and ideas paved the way for it to be considered “cool” to be a little off these days.

Sock It 2 Me x Missy Elliott feat. Da Brat (let’s talk more about these robots I don’t have and this space station I don’t yet live in)

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See x Busta Rhymes (file this under “weird”)


Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems x The Notorious B.I.G. (file under “metallic air tunnel with matching metallic sweatsuits)


No Scrubs x TLC (file under “space station chic”)


What’s It Gonna Be x Busta Rhymes feat. Janet Jackson (file under “90sFuturisticSexyTimeMusic”)

Big shouts out to Missy & Busta for always doin’ it for the freaks and the weirdos. The game now would be nothing without their way out-of-the-box, nearly intergalactic artistry pushing the envelope on what’s cool and what isn’t. To Hype Williams’ credit alone, we got videos from Craig Mack, Jodeci, Total, Brownstone, DMX and honestly, everybody that was hot during the time period. Enjoy these videos and try not to get too down about how we still don’t have personal robots.