Off the Record with Ej raps, 24 year old Dallas native who is finally on the brink of success. We mentioned him a while back in 2015 with his Big opportunity to showcase at SXSW for the first time and just getting to know the artist and what makes him unique. Coming from humble beginnings Ej knows what it takes to overcome obstacles in making a name for himself especially in 2016.  Ej explains who he is, his southern roots, musical influences, trials and tribulations with his music thus far this year. Also, he is finding new avenues to venture his music nationally creating a buzz outside of Texas. From tours to features he is expanding his horizons musically. This dude is extremely talented and is bringing back that nostalgic southern vibe that we were raised on through his music, such as Outkast, Dj Screw, Devin the dude, 8 ball & MJG, Big Krit just a couple notable mentions.

He most definitely gives you bars and a story line depicting his life and puts it all on the tracks from his latest EP’s “Do not Disturb” and “The Ones Who Live” he breaks down the harsh realities he came from and how he has risen to become who he is now. Like I mentioned before, 2016 is the year of his rise with the work ethic he has put into his music within the last 6 months and getting to do shows at SXSW, Cali, and Toronto just to name a few. He will have new music dropping within the latter part of this summer and lets just say Straight Flames will be hitting your speakers ASAP. This dude is truly branding himself to be a household name soon. So keep your ears alert and eyes peeled to the wave that EJ Raps is bringing to the game. Check out his latest interview and music in the links below.

EJ Raps

Image courtesy of: Jared Patrick
Video Courtesy of: Jared Patrick