Miguel’s “Come Through and Chill” feels good.

… kind of like it was born from a little old Miguel (“All I Want is You” feat. J. Cole) and a little Luke James (“Oh God” feat. Hit-Boy). Produced by Salaam Remi, who gave us several tracks from Nas, Amy Winehouse and Jazmine Sullivan, Miguel gives me exactly what I want more of. In a perfect world, he’d release a summer tape with songs like this, like “Quickie,” and “All I Want Is You,” from his first album to give it a vibe akin to Aaliyah’s “Come Over” or “I Care 4 U.” But that’s just wishful thinking, I suppose? Maybe I’m just super Frank Ocean deficient and projecting my melancholy demands onto other artists within range of his wheelhouse. Kind of like when a coach told me that when I thought I was hungry, my body really just needed water. Or maybe something like phantom limb?

Anywho, my personal needs and fantasies are neither here nor there. If you’re in need of a late night summer groove and, trust me, you are in need of a late night summer groove, this is an excellent addition to your playlist. Ignoring the fact that Miguel crotch slammed a young lady ages ago, I’ve played this song several times today and am 100% satisfied with my experience. I think you will be, too. Take a listen below and peep a few of my favorites from young Salaam just above the track.

A few of my favorites from Salaam Remi:

Bodies x Cee-Lo Green

Made You Look x Nas

Some Unholy War x Amy Winehouse