Houston has a culture of its own, and if you weren’t aware, today is a Houston holiday.

The South has a very distinct flavor, a style all its own. Our food, our mannerisms, “Southern Hospitality,” and notably, our music are all things you won’t be able to find in other regions of the country. Each state is different, and it’s easy to tell after just a couple moments talking to someone exactly where in the state he or she is from – especially if you’re from a state as big as Texas.

It’s no surprise then, that Houston, the biggest city in Texas, has a culture so significant that it comes with its own holiday.

H-Town, the place where trunks keep poppin’ and tops keep droppin’, Hustletown, and most importantly today, the home of screw, Houston celebrates June 27 every year. If you’re not familiar with origin of the day, June 27, 2000 is when DJ Screw released the “June 27” tape, a 35-minute long freestyle to celebrate rapper DeMo’s birthday. The tape features some of the city’s most beloved rappers, including Big Moe, Yungstar, and Big Pokey, among others.


The legendary tape has a pretty cool backstory: Allegedly, DeMo accidentally slept through the recording of another tape he had been excited to make called “Dancing Candy,” the first to have Big Moe singing on it. To make it up to him, Screw got everyone together again to record another tape on June 27.

The beat, a slowed down version of Kris Kross’s “Da Streets Ain’t Right,” has since been sampled on many hip hop songs since its inception, most notably Drake’s “November 18th.”

The song is a definitive sound for Houston hip hop, and to commemorate the day, I suggest you give it a listen as you cruise these H-Town streets. Drive slow, homie.