Today for #TBT we celebrate the multi-talented and inspirational artistry that is Tupac Shakur.

Happy Birthday to you Tupac! On today he would have been 45 years young, and still killing the game.

Tupac, for most was a savior, a voice of reason if you will who passionately shared his life’s experience, triumphs, and joys through song. Raised by a mother who was a member of the Black Panther Party, her knowledge and desire for community awareness was instilled in him which caused the rapper to use his platform to educate the harsh realities of politics and injustices within the black community. A true renaissance man, using his gift in poetry, entertaining, writing, and acting his life was unfortunately cut short just a few days after a night of violence. The hip-hop phenom died September 13, 1996. 

Happy Birthday Tupac The hive Society

Since his rise to fame, Tupac has released countless hits such as “California Love,” “Dear Momma,” and “How Do U Want It.” Following his death over 5 albums were later released, resulting in the bulk of millions of records sold across the globe. He appeared in films such as “Juice” as a sinister misguided high school student who adopted a bad case of paranoia. Lucky in the smash hit “Poetic Justice,” he played a young man, searching for love amongst the disappoint in of life’s struggles while juggling fatherhood. His acting skills were impressive and unique allowing the artist to land 6 more roles. 

Happy Birthday Tupac The hive Society
Pac’s music was a catalyst for emerging artist and forever will be. You can hear the influence, rather it be Kendrick Lamar’s culture anthem “Alright” feeding into Pac’s philosophy of uplifting his community or Nipsey Hussle “Hussle In The House.”

Today we celebrate Shakur’s legacy and countless tunes, that touched our hearts, and made us groove. Today, we  honor a man who embraced self-love, intellect, and community development. Today we celebrate a soul who achievement so much in such a short life. Today we wish a hip-hop hero on another blessed year of after life. 

 Happy Birthday Tupac, we love you <3.