Lion Babe has gotten a headstart on summer with their new track, “Endless Summer.”

Depending on which U.S coast you reside on you have had a different relationship with the sun. This spring, Seattle, a city notorious for rain clouds, has seen more sunshine than we, vitamin d deprived, New Yorkers. And with the summer solstice 5 short days away, Lion Babe has released a new track, “Endless Summer”, and announced their new mixtape, Sun Join, will be debuting on the first day of summer, June 20th.

Back at it again with the sultry vocals, Jillian’s falsetto is sure melt away the heat on the longest day of the year, and Lucas’s keen ear for instrument placement. This Lion Babe collaboration proves sometimes it takes a village to make a good summer track. The group shouts out Jteds for “birthing the beat,” Joel Compass for co-writing the lyrics and Simen Solvang for mixing the track.

Stream (and enjoy!) “Endless Summer” below: