I am surrounded by my angels,

And you can’t tell me Heaven doesn’t look like this.

There are hearts ablaze with joy

and eyes warm with a holy kind of love

laughter bounces off the walls like a poorly kept secret 

and every artist granny ever loved fills the room.


There is only tenderness here, and enough magic to make God blush.

Every moment bleeds brilliantly into the next.

Our every interaction, seamless and seemingly perfect and worth an eternity

And there is eternal life here.

So much soul and sustenance flowing from breath to breath.

The air is wet with good news and our lips are wet with good brews.

And we glisten a little bit because the illest dance battle just went down

And you can’t tell me Heaven doesn’t look like this


Or sound like 3am conversations or begging babies at 8am

Ribs and leftover liquor for breakfast like communion

‘Cause I’m convinced that God blessed this union

Made it sacred and sound and love is the only thing it revolves around

It is the only thing that can bring your mistakes together like a blanket to keep you warm

Thick as corduroy, omnipotent as a lucid dream.

There are all kinds of things to fear in this world, but love is not one of them

It is a chameleon, the way it reveals itself to me where I didn’t recognize it before

It is tough and savory and bolsters my spirit when I don’t have a good word to stand on
It is gospel and good news and a new way of doing things that makes life a little less difficult and a lot more bearable

And you can’t tell me Heaven doesn’t look, doesn’t sound, doesn’t feel like this