“I am my favorite photographer” – The Reigny Season


The Reigny Season is a 23-year-old photographer based in Houston, TX. She received her B. S. in Advertising from The University of Texas and has since then, been perusing a career in photography. Over the past five years she has gained experience shooting portraits, live events, and occasionally food and beverage photography. Her unique style consists of a constant colorful yet clean and clear images. The Reigny Season has worked with many creatives in Texas, and looks forward to collaborating with others across the globe. In our interview below, check out what she had to say about herself, her career, and exactly what she thinks about the Houston scene.

C :  Why photography?

RS : I first picked up my camera just to start taking photos as a hobby. I go through periods where I teach myself how to do something new. 5 years ago, my newest interest became photography.

C : Does the term “starving artist” mean anything to you?

RS : Yes, I believe the starving artist is obsolete now. I say that because I have seen so many various types of artists be able to make an independent living for themselves simply by acquiring fans via the internet, and finding their own way to capitalize on this.

Taelor Lareis

Model/Creative Director, Blue (GetSomeGreens)

C : What is one question no one has ever asked you – that you wished they had asked you?

RS : How I came up with the name “The Reigny Season” because I actually put a lot of thought into it. The last three letters of my first name, Chelsea, is “sea” and the last three letters of my last name, Jackson, is “son”. I put them together to make “Season”. I call myself “Reigny” because I abundant like the rainy season, yet powerful like the reign of a Queen.

C : Who are some of your favorite Photographers? Musicians? Artists?

RS : I am my favorite photographer, haha. My favorite music artists are: Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi, Big KRIT, Supa Bwe, Ab-Soul, etc. My favorite visual artists are Paper Frank and Blue The Great.

Autumn Green

Model/Singer/Songwriter, Autumn Green

C : What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

RS : I mentioned before that I am good at finding loopholes in everything, my 12th grade English teacher recognized that I had a knack for getting around things I didn’t want to do. Before I graduated, she told me that to be successful, I am going to have to be willing to do even the things I don’t want to do sometimes.

C : When you do a shoot, how much of is it planned versus instinctual?

RS : I usually have a vision in my head of what I am trying to bring to life in my work. I will jot down notes about specific shots I want to capture, or things I want to convey, but I also believe in going with the flow

Genesis Iver

Artist/Songwriter, Genesis Iver

C : When did you fall in love with taking photos; was there a specific moment or event when you knew this is exactly what you wanted to do.

I fell in love with photography when I realized that people would see my work and really fall in love with it. I love photography because I get to show the world my perspective of things. I became a writer before I became any other type of artist, so I fell in love with visual storytelling.

Devri Velazquez

Writer/Editor Devri Velazquez

C : What do you think makes a photograph memorable?

RS : I think it’s all about being able to catch someone’s eye. We see so much, but there is power in being able to catch someone’s eye to the point that they actually remember what they saw. For me, I think the way I use bright colors and a shallow field of depth makes my work memorable.

C : Black and white or color?

RS : I love color, I very rarely use black and white photos. I just think there’s so much power, and joy to be conveyed from using full color shots. I also admire many pop art visual artists.

Billy Baccam and Maya Jae

Artist/DJ/Fashion Designer, Billy Baccam and Singer/Songwriter, Maya Jae

C : How do you feel about the current art/photography scene here in Houston?

RS : It frustrates me. Our city has traditionally been focused on the oil and gas industries, and of course space exploration. I believe we have the capacity to expand our art and entertainment industry to that of the industries found in Los Angeles, and New York. We have the space, the population, and the economy to do so. I said it’s frustrating because it seems like everyone in Houston says that people in Houston would rather do their own thing then all work together, and it’s really true. The more I reach out and work with new people around the city, the more I realize that a lot of people here are merely interested in doing whatever it takes for them to be successful while not genuinely caring to bring others along with them. It’s ironic because the main people who complain about how people in Houston won’t support each other, are the first ones to turn on you. It’s crazy, it seems like everyone is too focused on protecting themselves from other people getting over on them, to the point that they kind of make people their enemies before any actual problem ever arises.

C : Besides photography, what else are you interested in?

RS : I’m interested in saving the world, helping the paradigm of the planet shift into a higher dimension, using any medium of creating, making people laugh, and I really love playing board games.