Social media is a double-edged sword wielding a double-edged sword.

It IS one because while it gives us access to awesome people around the world with awesome ideas, it also gives yucky people access to us (‘us’ being good, decent people, of course). The double-edged sword it wields is this exposure– to awesomeness, yes, but also to trash opinions and ideals. On the one hand, we get to see people for who they really are. On the other hand… we get to see people for who they really are: how they think and where they fall concerning the issues of the day. And, while it’s awesome to come across an opinion that broadens your worldview, that’s not always the case. Too often, I come across opinions that cause me great concern for where we’re headed as humans. When polarizing topics hit the timeline/dashboard, I take that opportunity to clean house. I take this time to look at what we argue about and how we do so. From my unofficial studies and internet creepings, I’ve come of with a handful topics that’ll help you filter out the scrubs from your social media platforms.

1. Celebrity Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence

Even more than everyday reportings of sexual assault or domestic violence, internet scumbags often come together to form a fully functional victim blaming Megazord in virtually violent defense of their favorite male athletes and entertainers. According to these guys, the victims were just trying to get money from their alleged assailants or shouldn’t have made them angry. You can assert yourself by engaging in a little banter, or you can block them off top and cut the wind from their sails.


2. Child Support

When it comes to child support, the same internet ashies mentioned above project upon themselves the persona of their favorite male athletes/entertainers, convinced that women are after their lunch money and hourly paychecks. These type of men often find themselves “babysitting” their own children, and you don’t need that kind of mediocrity in your life.

3. Body Count

Apparently, the number of people a person’s been intimate with is a HUGE factor in deciding a person’s worth as a mate. I’d usually dismiss this as their business, BUT it seems like when it comes to a woman’s body count, things get a little tricky. Double standards always make things more fun anyway: oddly enough, when women’s body counts are considered “too high,” those women are most often called…

4. Hoes

Only women can be “loose.” We are not allowed to enjoy sex so much that we seek it outside of a good, holy relationship… or something like that. Ankle-length skirts for everyone, unless you’re an Instagram model. Using men for sex is simply out of the question. To wrap all of these up into the messy bundle they are, your unfriendly neighborhood Twitter bros are convinced that women are taking the reigns on their sexual agency, aka being hoes, because of feminism.


5. Feminism/Feminists

You’ll know whether or not you need to mute/unfollow/block these folks by whether or not they pluralize feminist correctly. Anti-feminist internet ashies blame feminism for their lack of lady admirers. They can also be expected to whine about being stuck in the mythical “friend zone” and berate women about what nice guys they are. See also: “feminism is tearing apart the Black family unit,” etc. etc. In fact, I’m probably about to be sent back to the kitchen as we speak.

When any (usually all) of these buzzwords and phrases hit the timeline, watch. You’ll catch many users pushing their personal experiences as facts and their aggressively conservative (misogynistic) opinions as “the way things should be.” Once you get over the initial shock of how trash your friends’ and followers’ ideas are, you can move on to muting, unfollowing and even blocking. Everywhere you turn, there’s someone telling you how much you’re allowed to spend on your lady, how many men she’s allowed to have slept with before you, how “no” doesn’t always mean “no,” or how nontraditional gender roles are eating away at family values. Do yourself a favor and get these scrubs out the paint.