A lot has happened for The Hive Society in the past two years. From hosting #HoustonAppreciationWeekend service projects and giving away concert tickets to some of the hottest shows in Houston to adopting families for the holidays and hosting the largest service project Houston Food Bank has ever had, we’ve done a lot. More importantly, we’ve done a lot with very little. With passion, commitment, and the support of friends and family, we have been able to accomplish many of our goals, even for a very new non-profit. We saw our efforts celebrated by the City of Houston with The Hive Society Day, and we recently celebrated two years of “making philanthropy cool.”

With the recent announcement of our 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, we’re ready to take on bigger and more impactful projects!

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Our #BeetheChange initiative supports numerous projects which promote the betterment of our neighbors who face obstacles that impact the quality of their lives. Past projects included preparing hundreds of thousands meals with Houston Food Bank to combat food insecurity in Houston’s communities, as well as supporting #Hashtaglunchbag Houston by preparing thousands of paper bag lunches for Houston’s homeless communities. The Hive’s involvement and outreach inspired us to launch our flagship project, the “Bee Humane Campaign.”

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Our BEE Humane Campaign Vision is to provide Houston’s unsheltered homeless persons with backpacks filled with essential toiletry and survival items, as well as art supplies. The Hive Society understands that the issue of homelessness is not easily eradicated, but we are hoping our actions will afford the men, women and children who are unsheltered with a small token of support during their trying times.

According to the most recent report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), more than 6,300 Houstonians are without a home on any given night. Of the total number of homeless persons, 43% were unsheltered.

HUD defines unsheltered homeless persons as person who resides in a place not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, abandoned buildings, or on the street. [Source]

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Source: Homeless Houston

While most people know what homelessness is, very few truly understand the many circumstance that trigger homeless. Some of us make assumptions about why someone may be experiencing homelessness. The graphic provided by Homeless Houston shows the many triggers of homelessness. I’ll admit that I was shocked to learn that the loss of a job accounts for 35% of homelessness. Furthermore, a common belief that persons are homeless because of drug and/or alcohol issues is dispelled, as it only accounts for 9% of triggers for homelessness.

Knowing what factors contribute to homelessness serves as reminder that we are all people, deserving of  dignity and respect. #BeeHumane Campaign’s goal is to help make the lives of our homeless neighbors better. 

How do I support #BeeHumane Campaign?

So glad you asked! Support comes in many forms! If you’d like to buy some of the items that go in the backpack or event the backpacks themselves, you can purchase them directly from our Bee Humane Campaign Amazon wishlist. Amazon takes the hassle out of everything by allowing you to ship items directly to Hive Society.

Purchase items on the Bee Humane Campaign Wishlist

Hate shopping? No worries you can donate directly to The Hive Society through PayPal or our Guidestar profile.

Businesses and organizations interested in sponsoring #BeeHumane Campaign should email Raquel Seymone, Hive Society Community Event Director, at RaquelSeymone@HiveSociety.com.