Thinkin’ bout how to stop [him] causes aneurisms!

If you haven’t heard of Q. Guyton or witnessed any of the art that he has had a hand in creating then you are trippin’ with yourself. Black Magic spills over the top with raps, on top of raps, on top of raps on top of visuals and that is only a portion of what he has to offer…so just touch play/push the button/slide the USB in and enjoy the show.

That’s just a taste of what south side’s own Q. Guyton, displayed on the recently released project, Black Magic. Keying from the electrifying energy and ardent performance at the album release party, the statement above is not only agreeable, its has to be true! Rhymes infused with poetic melodies painted over hard 808’s and bass drum patterns we are given the vision from a screwed up wizard of creativity that you can “flow thru the valley like smoke,” beating, knocking pictures off the wall.

For the fortunate that were in attendance we were gifted, by way of old tech (yea USB is old now) but in a new physical way to share (at least new to moi), two exceptional projects from the talented artist. Q and DejaVu PR passed the project out at the release party by way of a hard plastic business card that packed a removable USB chip, with artwork on each side. The USB contained everything for  Black Magic (artwork+music) but also had the artwork and the project titled Blue Heart (which justified the artwork on the back).

Check the links and get your fix for a Houston rooted flow mingled with the screw influence and outspoken word from the creative mind of Houston’s own Q. Guyton!