Listen up guys!! You can say you heard it here first (and if you didn’t, just pretend you did)! The talented and young duo, Chloe and Halle have released their FIRST EP on iTunes! The EP is entitled Sugar Symphony and has a total of 5 songs! Not much, I know, but perfect for an EP and just enough to showcase their talent.

chloe and halleChloe and Halle Bailey are two sisters, ages 16 and 17, who have been singing covers for years, as well as starring in movies. Chloe, at the age of 3, starred in the movie The Fighting Temptations as the child version of Beyoncé’s character. She then went on to get small roles in movies like The Last Holiday, Meet the Browns, and Gospel Hill to name a few. Halle has appeared in Last Holiday, Let it Shine, and other small roles on various television sitcoms. Their YouTube page is stocked full with covers from artists such as Coldplay, One Direction, Yo Gotti (I know right, but what they did with the song was amazing!), John Legend, Beyoncé, etc.

I discovered Chloe and Halle while watching a well-known viral comedian Spoken Reasons. In his skit he was sitting in a car, jamming out to his music and up walks these two cute little girls. The girls are selling cookies and he is NOT having it. The girls insist on getting their money for the cookies at which point he suggests they do something to earn the money. Chloe and Halle break out into song, “Total Praise”, and ultimately convince him to cough up the cash. After watching that video and laughing my ass off, I quickly researched the girls and have been following them ever since.

These girls have the recipe for success, being mentored by Beyoncé. How many artists can say that Queen Bey took them under her wing and groomed them for stardom? They are signed to Beyoncé’s record label Parkwood Entertainment and are one of three females signed. You can also catch these girls making a cameo appearance in Beyoncé’s latest album visual and halle

In addition to being endorsed by Beyoncé herself, the girls have also been recognized by the First Lady, Michelle Obama and have performed twice for her. They have been invited to the White House and allegedly have fans out of Malia and Sasha.

Yes, I have listened to Sugar Symphony and have to say, these girls have got some amazing vocal abilities! The album isn’t quite as R&B as you’d think though, a fellow classmate of mine said to me “They are exploring their sound…” (Chris B.) I’d definitely agree. That is the only way to describe such a wide variety of sounds and techniques used on their EP. Check out their video for their released single “Drop”, and if you have Apple Music, go ahead and add the EP to your music library.