If you were worried you wouldn’t get any more music from Kehlani after her apparent suicide scare, fear not. She opens up about her trouble on new song,”24/7″.

R&B singer Kehlani recently had quite a difficult time on social media when rapper PartyNextDoor pulled the wackest stunt of all time by posting a picture on Instagram insinuating she was cheating on former boyfriend, Kyrie Irving (who has since come forward and said he and Kehlani were no longer dating at the time of the post.) After a round of vicious attacks on her social media accounts by apparent Kyrie Irving fans or PartyNextDoor fans or just haters in general, Kehlani deleted her accounts after posting a picture of herself in the hospital with a cryptic caption that hinted of an attempted suicide.

PartyNextDoor's Instagram post about getting back with singer Kehlani.

PartyNextDoor’s Instagram post about getting back with singer Kehlani.

After her alleged attempt, the bullying only got worse. We all know social media can be vicious and people can forget that celebrities are people, too. I really thought Kehlani was going to use the bad publicity and release a bomb diss track or just some new music since her name was already trending. Kehlani, however, who seemed to be in a vulnerable position from the beginning (according to her song lyrics) did not handle the situation as well as expected, but now she’s back with a song that seems to address the matter.

The song, entitled “24/7,” touches on the feelings that most people have: insecurities, depression, inadequacy. The lyrics, “It’s OK to not be OK, to dive in your pain,” and “I won’t judge you a little, not even a little bit, I know you’re f***ing sick of it,” seem to touch on the backlash she received (most notably from Chris Brown) over the ordeal.

The hook, “I don’t know nobody who thinks they’re somebody 24-7/ I don’t know nobody who smiles at everybody 24-7” is empowering to those who have their own insecurities and self-doubts, and is a refreshing encouragement from a singer who we thought we might never hear from again. While the beat and production are nothing to write home about, the message of the song is necessary to people who vibe with her sound. Those listening to the song who aren’t feeling it because they can’t bump it at a house party will be missing the point.

Kehlani’s first mixtape, You Should Be Here, showed us a strong young lady who was learning from life as she experienced it. A lot of young women looked up to her as someone who told it like it was, yet had her own share of sadness to deal with. It seems as if she gave into her weaknesses with the whole rapper/ball player mess, but it’s good to see her back and using her pain to create instead of succumbing to it.

Looks like Beyoncé isn’t the only one who’s learned to make lemonade.

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - CoCo Chanel. Hopefully Kehlani is back stronger than ever.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – CoCo Chanel. Hopefully Kehlani is back stronger than ever.