“Don’t Follow Dreams, Take Opportunities.”

Alexiah Carter is an artist based here in Houston, Texas. She has a background in animation and illustration and creates narrative and symbolic portrait paintings. Her art focuses on connections between spirituality and trans-humanism. Inspired by reverence of timeless traditions and the love of technology, she seeks to interweave them to find balance and create something that communicates the roots of those philosophies. Check out our interview below for a sneak peek at some of her work and to see just what Alexiah Carter is all about.

C : What’s
the earliest memory you have of being an artist, any specific moments
that defined your creativity?

A : My mother bought me a cheap Rose Art brand art
set when I was about 6. I taught myself how to watercolor,
and would paint illustrations of what I wanted my life and
the world to be like. The first thing I painted was a
faceless family portrait.

C : Why art?

A : When I started it was to tell
stories, to create narratives that can connect with people.
Now the experience is much more symbolic and has inversed [sic]
itself. Symbols in conjunction with narratives to
communicate my own personal thoughts on human

Artist, Local Artist, Houston Art

“The Crux” Watercolor

C : Who is
your biggest role model and why?

A : My mom, my family, my boyfriend of 4 years,
James. My work centers around connectivity and
communication, I think the people I connect the closest with
really influence how I choose to go forward in work.

C : What’s one thing you
couldn’t go without in your work space?

A : I have learned to work
anywhere and on the go so other than the necessary supplies
I find I am more agile without constrictions like must
haves. If I had to pick something I think I would say coffee
and music.

Artist, Local Artist, Houston Art

“Tesselate” – Watercolor

C : Which one of your pieces means the most to
you and why?

A : Currently I
am working on an Alice and Wonderland painting, it’s very
simple almost childlike in its technique. I have always
related to the lazy and mischievous Alice, I was always
getting into trouble, asking too many questions, and crying
about the trouble I had gotten myself into as a little girl.
I think the growth and development that happens through that
story has similarities to my development.

Artist, Local Artist, Houston Art

“The Snowball” – Watercolor

C : Pencils or pens?

A : Pens, Ink has a strong mark
making quality to it. It endures the test of time.

C : If you had to choose one
medium to work with from now on, what would that be?

A : After using and being trained
in so many mediums, its funny that in the end I would come
back to watercolor. All these years and it’s what makes the
most sense to me. Being versatile and forgiving, but requiring technique, practice
and patience, you create something beautiful with watercolors
that has depth and character. Layers that really demonstrate
technique of the interplay of color is a result I strive
for. It’s easy to start-up but I also feel the hardest to
achieve a level of impressiveness with it.

C : When have you felt most
satisfied in your career as an artist?

 A : I don’t think I am ever satisfied due to my
nature of constant critique and desire for improvement. So
satisfaction for me is feeling and having proof that this is
the right thing for me to be doing. The moments I feel that
the most is when I get feedback from viewers, inter-played
with knowing I am achieving a level of craft, technique and
skill that has improved.

Artist, Local Artist, Houston Art

“Deco Darling” – Watercolor

C : If you had one superpower what would it be?

A : I would want Teleportation. I
find my time really valuable and scarce and the time we
spend trying to get from point a to b in this very large
city feels like a time vacuüm. My hope would be to not have
anymore Houston commute.

C : How does your work showcase who you are as
an artist?

A : Its intimate, colorful and bit macabre. I think a bit of my perspective
shows through in that. Quirky contradictions, and emotional
paradoxes, couple with a strive for logical and consistent

Artist, Local Artist, Houston Art

“Pleasant Worlds, Pleasant Words” – Digital

C : What
memorable responses have you had to your work?

A : I love when people are
surprised at how the work it made, When I digitally painted
and people had mistaken it for oil I enjoy when people can
correlate the technique of how something is made.

C : What under appreciated
artist or gallery do you think people should know

A : I am a big
Natalia Fabia and Joshua Petker fan but mostly his earlier

Artist, Local Artist, Houston Art

“Hatched” – Ink

  C : What is the best advice
you’ve ever been given?

A : Don’t Follow Dreams, Take Opportunities.