So this was definitely a random gem I found out about awhile back while driving through the Heights. The whole concept of donut and chicken together was intriguing enough for me to pull in and see what they were creating in there.



What would be the first thing you think of when you hear those two things together? a chicken donut sandwich, right? Well that definitely what was on the menu and what I ordered. The Double Donut Fried Chicken Sandwich.


Now let me tell you, this sandwich will cut some years off your life. This h*e is a gluttonous meal. I wouldn’t suggest eating this more than once a month but its definitely a guilty pleasure to endure. The donuts really aren’t too sweet to where they take away from the sandwich aspect of the DDFCS. What’s dope is that you can pick a sauce to pour through your sandwich as well. I picked the Hot Sauce Syrup only because it made sense but there are other sauces you can try as well.


Lee's Fried Chicken

The chicken was so good within the sandwich that I had to come back and try the chicken again to just confirm if this place is legit or not and they are. The chicken is extra crispy and seasoned appropriately. You can peel the skin off and eat it as if it was it’s own. They actually give you Cholula sauce that blends perfectly with the skin and tastes wonderful on the chicken. I also tried the spicy mayo and creole honey mustard with my chicken tenders and both were legit.


Lee's Fried Chicken

I lowkey think I might have the itis now.

The chicken isn’t really greasy either. I can wipe my hands with only one napkin and be cleansed from the grease as a result. I believe its all white meat too.

Lee's Fried Chicken

The only thing I would complain about is the potato salad. I know I kinda reached a little bit to see if they would be the perfect restaurant by having a bomb ass potato salad but a man can dream, right? Everybody’s potato salad can’t be good and I’m coming to terms with that.

Lee's Fried Chicken

Overall, I’ve been satisfied on both visits here. You should come and check it out for yourself. Just know that DJ AudiTory put you on.