Who Is Ashley Aminah? You’re About To Find Out.

Ashley Aminah
1. What is “marque”?
1. Marque is a platform created to inspire, motivate and develop aspiring artists. The foundation is built on exclusive benefits such as marketing and branding, while establishing a home for ideas to manifest. In this home each artist is respected as a brand within his or her own. While working to professionalize [sic] and develop our members, we provide a solution in finding all the perfect artists to bring your vision to life as designer, boutique, brand or any other curator in need. Marque is your one stop shop.
2. What inspired you to start marque?
2. The young, the lost and the struggling. My best friend, Loredana Ituah, and I worked as a team at SHSU producing fashions shows. We just happened to be really in tune with the process. We decided we wanted to really try to get into the industry in the Houston area… It was so much easier said than done. Marque was the solution to it all.
3. What is it that you do? What are all the aspects of Ashley Aminah?
3. This is possibly the most complicated question. I’ve always been in the management/creative role. Building Marque needed far more than that, so I picked up a camera. And I fell in love all over again. Then recently, I landed a job as event coordinator for RAW Houston. So honestly, it truly depends on the day. I could be project manager, photographer, creative director or maybe something else. Whatever talent or task is needed for me to serve my purpose, I’ll absorb.
4. What did you want to be growing up?
4. It’s funny because I’m Nigerian, and being raised in a household like mine you are expected to go to school for something ‘lucrative’ for example, medical/law school. So yea, I wanted to be “nurse” or a “doctor” but I didn’t even know what their REAL jobs consisted of. I just knew I wanted to help people.

Ashley Aminah

5. What usually inspires you? What motivates you to create?
5. Seeing people win is my most prominent inspiration. Major experiences in my life are usually what motivates me. It keeps me grounded on the type of experience I’d like to provide myself for life.
6. What are some other avenues of creativity that interest you?
6. Music production was really my first curiosity in the arts. I used to make beats with my eldest brother and it was everything to me. That’s something I still want to explore.
7. If you could name one person that inspires you, who would that be?
7. My mom. I don’t know anyone with a heart purer than hers. I strive for this everyday.
8. If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
8. Make your marque.