Watch Stephen Wiltshire live as he creates a 3′ x 12′ sketch of Houston in The Galleria Mall April 19th – 23rd.

stephen wiltshire

London-based artist Stephen Wiltshire is currently one of the most eminent artists in the UK. You can find him in Houston’s The Galleria from April 19-23, where he will be showing off the talent and skill that has gained him his prominence worldwide. Known as “The Human Camera“, Stephen was born in 1974 in London and was mute until the age of five due to autism. Since he could not speak, he used music and drawing as mediums of communication and soon became an expert at drawing buildings. Today he is a landscape artist, being able to draw detailed landscapes and skylines only from memory.

Stephen will be making his debut visit in Houston over the next few days and his skills are something that everyone should check out at least once. He will be observing Houston via a helicopter ride one time to study the city’s architecture and scenery, then will start working publicly at The Galleria for seven hours a day sketching a 3 by 12-foot wide panoramic view of Houston entirely from memory. From the videos, I’m sure it’s worth the trip.