The Hive Society’s Keeper of the Bees returns with an interview with Eimaral Sol, a young vocalist letting her voice be heard in a serious way.

What’s up guys! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something due to many things involving LIFE out here, but I’m back and I must say I’m excited to share with you the music of a young woman named Eimaral Sol. Birth name: Laramie.

I met this young woman when she was a freshman at the University of Houston when I was a senior. I first heard her sing at a rehearsal when she participated in my fraternities “Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant” in 2012 and I told the young lady, who would later become Eimaral Sol, “your voice is beautiful; for real, don’t waste that talent.” I don’t remember much from that year, but I do remember that. It’s something I say to all talented people, because I admire those with such abilities since I can’t carry a note to save my life. But, this isn’t about me, this is about a young lady coming into her own as a woman, and as an artist. In 2013, when I was still contemplating starting a non-profit, I stumbled across videos of her singing covers on a YouTube channel and I was pleased that she was still singing. I became more intrigued when she started releasing a few songs on her Soundcloud the following year when I brought the hive back. It wasn’t until her most recent records that I could really hear how serious this young woman was becoming. So, I sent to text to the lil’ homie and asked if I could interview her for the Hive. She obliged, so here it is! Introducing Eimaral Sol to all our readers!

One of the first YouTube videos of hers that I saw a few years ago. 

Bee Keeper: What made you fall in love with singing?

Eimaral Sol: I would have to say I fell in love with singing because I was always exposed to eclectic styles of music from the time I was young, and the way I felt when I heard it. It’s like it woke me up inside, got my mind flowing, and jump-started my singing which at the time seemed involuntary, haha. Then I jumped into choir as soon as possible in 3rd grade to learn as much as I could about music.


BK: I know you’re from Killeen, TX. What was it like growing up there?

ES: Killeen is a very diverse and slower paced city. It’s way more suburban than the big city. I pretty much went to school with the same people from elementary school to high school. I always loved being outside there because it was so open and I felt like I could explore freely. I am glad I grew up there because I have a greater appreciation for the lifestyle after living in the city.


BK: Did you move to Houston when you first came to the University of Houston or have you lived here before?

ES: I moved to Houston in August 2011 after I graduated high school a year early. I had already been accepted to the University of Houston, and it was my first time living in the city. Prior to moving here I had only visited.

Eimaral SOl

Young vocalist living in Houston; from Killeen, TX.

How different is it here in Houston than your hometown?

Houston moves at a much faster pace than Killeen. I feel like [Houston] has taught me the lessons of the big city, and I have had to adapt in order to survive. People always called me country when I moved here and I hated it, but overtime I realized I did come from somewhere very different and that I had some adapting to do. I miss how the stars look there a lot, it just seems a lot more open and earthy in Killeen, there’s so much I never knew existed here in Houston from social hangouts, lifestyles, social classes, movements, etc.

How has your upbringing affected Eimaral Sol’s creativity? Is there something unique about your past that fuels your singing?

I think my parents made it a point to expose me to anything I had curiosity about. I remember having a record player at a young age and constantly playing Michael Jackson’s BAD vinyl at least daily. My parents noticed even before I was walking that music could make me dance around, and they continued to appeal to that. I just remember being told from a young age that I loved the moments when people would hear me sing; I was shy but music could open a new wave of communication for me.


In music, which artists were your main influences growing up?

My parents were 17 years apart so my Mom put me onto Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Prince, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana, Mozart, Bach, Leanne Rhymes, Shania Twain etc. My Dad put me onto The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green, Luther Vandross, BB King, James Brown, etc. Once I was about 10, and I asked for my first mp3 player and started my treasure hunt for unheard musical gems, I would listen to pretty much anything besides screamo.

Eimaral Sol

I hope this becomes Eimaral Sol’s album cover. No further editing needed, just this.

What musicians were/are your main Fashion and Lifestyle influences?

Erykah Badu
Lauryn Hill
Bob Marley
Jimi Hendrix
My fashion choice can range from day-to-day just based on what I imagine myself in.


When did you decide to get serious about music?

Probably somewhere in between high school and college. I got very invested in high school when I was accepted into the a cappella choir, which was a big accomplishment at that time in my life . I gained an extra period of choir, and was an active member of 3 different choirs. I learned to read and write music and sight-sing. On the technical aspect I would say high school, but I started taking myself seriously in college after I transferred to TSU and my voice teacher Summer Song pulled me to the side one day and asked me very seriously why I wasn’t majoring in music, and insisted that she felt I needed to share my gift. This caused me to put serious thought into what I was passionate about and how to pursue it in my life.


What was it like to record your latest record “Finds”?

“Finds” was an interesting song for me because I was partially just a vessel you know, transmitting a message piece by piece not really understanding what it meant until it was finished. But, there was this underlying emotion and place inside myself that I wrote from about my personal experiences. I really wanted to channel that I am an emotional being; I am a lover by nature, but I’m trying to find the balance in being that kind of person while coming into contact with other people and situations that are more closed-off and less open to what occurs naturally in this lifetime. I ended up realizing that on both sides you just gotta relax and let feelings and experiences occur as they may and find the beauty in things happening naturally all around us. There is love in everything.


What’s your creative process like? Your writing/recording etc.

I can honestly say I am definitely still experimenting in my writing and creative technique, I don’t necessarily have one specific way I do things every song, or even every time I create, period. I am currently working with a group of producers called Analogue Escape (Russell Guess, Justin Lewis, Mike Hobdey), and their individual talents accompanied by the extensive list of talented instrumentalists and artists they know has definitely become a part of the creative process. Sometimes the beat comes first and I sense out what I feel from it, and what I would want to write about and start writing. Other times I may have a melody to accompany a beat, and think about the words later once I better understand what I am conveying via the melody. Recently it seems like the beats have been more often made on the spot based off of what I was feeling and how Russell, Mike, and Justin channeled that, and at times we call in other instrumentalists to come add onto the track. I always love hearing it all come together.


What do you do to balance the highs and the lows of being a young artist?

That’s the thing about being young not only am I still learning about life and music, but I’m still getting to know myself. I take time to study music from the past and present and take note of the successes and problems other artists encountered. I note what makes them unique from other artists, and I invest time into getting to know myself better as both a woman and an artist. Right now, I am really focused on building and refining myself creatively and spiritually; truly becoming my art and mastering my craft. I feel like the better acquainted I am with myself the better able I am to represent myself via my music and be more relatable.


Right now, what new music are you listening to?

Soulection Radio
Kali Uchis
Erykah Badu
Lauryn Hill
Amy Winehouse
Bryson Tiller
Iman Omari
Anderson Paak
Mick Jenkins
Little Simz
Chance the Rapper
Kid Cudi



Hypothetically, you are about to perform at your first major festival with a sold out crowd. Which festival would you like to perform and what album do you listen to in order to get ready?

I’d have to say Austin City Limits, SXSW, or Bonnaroo. I would listen to The Internet‘s Feel Good.


Why’d you choose that album?

This album has crazy good energy and vibes; it is the first project I ever heard by them, and I instantly fell in love. I know it would get me on the right frequency to put on a jamming show.


Outside of music, what are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about animals; I plan to open a no-kill shelter one day, and I would like to start a non-profit organization as well. I am passionate about finding myself and my purpose and helping anyone I come into contact with to do the same. I am also passionate about nature. I love taking any opportunity I can to be outside exploring, swimming, fishing, and getting some sun. I’ll use any excuse. I am also sharpening my skills with writing for digital media and digital editing.

Eimaral Sol

Eimaral Sol loves being in Nature.

How do you hope to give back to the community? As a musician? As a part of humanity?

I want to give back to the community in a number of ways. As a musician I would like to stand for something which is why I have put so much thought into my name, what I sing about, the energy I invest into my music and my creative process. I am on my own personal journey and path to enlightenment, but I try my best to use my experiences to assist anyone I meet with their personal journey. I want my music to be a cognitive experience for listeners. When they listen I want them to release all social restrictions and allow themselves to truly be and exist in themselves free of worry and judgement, or the stress of worldly things. As a part of humanity I want to lead by example and act out of love everyday of my life. I am not perfect, but again I am willing to risk sharing my experiences if it will help others because I know the effect other artists who did this had on me (i.e. Kid Cudi). I intend to start a non-profit to benefit animals, and I also would love to do a project like Chance the Rapper did with the sleeping-bag coats and provide work to homeless and low-income individuals, while simultaneously providing more adequate protection from the elements. I will continue to be involved in powerful and necessary movements, such as Black Lives Matter. I feel like as an artist we are given a form of mass-communication and I want to use that to educate and uplift those who choose to vibe with me.


What community service project/Charity Event would you like to see the Hive Society do in the future and why?

I would love to see the Hive Society do a charity concert where all proceeds go toward care packages and necessities for those in need. It would be dope to have merchants and visual artists there as well selling their work and donating toward the cause, and have donation drop-offs for clothes, food, etc because I know not everyone can donate monetarily. I feel like it would be something everyone would enjoy, and would be willing to get involved in and help out with.

(How coincidental… *cough* “Bee Humane Campaign” coming soon.)


What world issues concern you the most in the community/world?

The numbers of Black people and people of color being killed without reason.
Social Injustice.
Internalized Racism.
Systematic Oppression.
Elitist Government.
Materialist/Capitalist Society.
Judgement. People can be mean and hurtful I think we all judge others and ourselves entirely too much.


If you can choose anyone to have a smoke session with (Dead or Alive) who would it be?

Bob Marley


When you get the munchies, what’s your go-to snack/food?

Honestly lol, fruit and yogurt. Sometimes starburst and lifesaver gummies. Oh, and I love Doritos!


What really “grinds your gears?”

When people make me out to be someone or something I know I’m not. When people say things like “it makes me think too much” wtf? When people tell me I can’t do something I say I would like to do, or tell me it’s not possible. Loud chewing, if I can hear you eating I’m probably dying inside, but I won’t say much.


Is there anything you would want the people who support you to know about you as Laramie, the young woman and not just the singer Eimaral Sol?

Eimaral Sol is very much a part of Laramie , and Laramie is very much a part of Eimaral Sol. I feel like Eimaral Sol is the name I call my higher self, and Laramie is the name given to me when I began this journey. They are the same soul, but are finding their way back to one another. I want the people to know I am a student of life that is choosing to share my notes and experiences while I am here, and that I see the love within each of them and we are one.

Eimaral Sol

Eimaral Sol, live and in living color.


I hope you guys have enjoyed getting to know Eimaral Sol and will keep an eye out and an ear open for new music coming from the young songstress. She actually has a show coming up on April 28th at Fox Hollow, and you get tickets here or just show up if you would like to check her out and hear her live. Tell them that The Hive Society sent you! Til next time. Peace.

Bee Keeper

Eimaral Sol

Check Eimaral Sol out Live at Fox Hollow on April 28th