So I’m trying this hoe for the first time. it’s on the nawf. off of 249 and Louetta. It’s a nice looking place. You can tell a lot of folks know about this joint because it’s packed. Not as packed as Breakfast Klub would be but every seat in the building was taken. They said we had a 20 minute wait but it ended up being 5 minutes (which is cool by me).



I was going through the menu and they got some live ass items that are appetizing to the imagination. First off, they have sweet potato pancakes and cinnamon roll french toast. like…bruh. Then, they have an Omelette/Scrambler section which includes features like the Mardi gras (crawfish, sausage & shrimp) and Lobster & Brie. They also have a legit healthy section but I’m too much of a fat ass at heart to want to eat that.


The Yolk (Over-Easy Eggs)

I struggled so hard in deciding from those options alone but I went ahead, followed my stomach and went with the Mardi Gras omelette. I’m typically a person who favors multiple proteins in my meal.  It came with an English muffin & country potatoes but I substituted the potatoes for the city grits due to the waitress bragging about it.


Mardi Gras Omelette

The mardi gras omelette was pretty cool. It reminded me of a dressed up omelette from IHOP but fulfilling nonetheless. Not as much meat as I would have desired but then again, I am a carnivore. The city grits are definitely  unique in texture. They taste more fluffier than your traditional grits. The bacon bits in it were definitely a plus for me. I wasn’t really sure if I needed to put sugar on them or not.


City Grits

I can confidently say that none of the items we had were nasty in any way. I even ate some of my mother’s sausage (pause) and potatoes and they were legit. The sausage was charred to perfection! They have jam at the table to spread on your english muffin which was convenient.

The service was fine. Environment was serene. No loud ass crying babies or nothing like that. I had to take half of my omelette and city grits with me because it was just tew much. Overall, I would have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit.  I will definitely be revisiting to see what that cinnamon roll french toast hit for. You should definitely take time to visit Another Broken Egg Cafe whenever you’re up far nawf when you can!