JSean can’t stop!

Since the release of his Yellow Tape – EP, JSean has been busy with appearances and performances. Fans have been anticipating a release from JSean for a while. Now, fans can sit back, turn-up and enjoy the show. JSean has finally released a video for his song “Trust ‘Em”!

Lil JSean


In the video, JSean creates an atmosphere dominated by ’90s nostalgia. The ABC blocks in the beginning of the video seem to target adolescence and more than likely cater to the “’90s babies” phenomenon. The video features an appearance and vocals from JSean’s ever-talented sister Aesja.


News of the two collaborating is enough to ensure that this video is fantastic. Collaborating is nothing new for the brother-sister duo. The two have performed at concerts and have made appearances many times together. They kill it every time!

Lil JSean

Their sibling chemistry throughout the video is touching. In the video, the two rock authentic ’90s threads that would rival those from a Martin TV show introduction. As we watch them work different styles, JSean and Aesja make things more interesting with a few fitting props. The use of a giant spoon, giant phones and of course, giant ABC blocks adds on to the fun video. Not to mention, there’s a competitive dance break.

If you happen to be like everyone and won’t can’t get over the ’90s, then this video will make your day. Check it out, show a friend and see if you guys can reenact JSean and Aesja’s dance break! Go find some old Coogi, Tommy, FUBU, or whatever, and see who really has the juice.

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