Damn My’Key Iso, back at it again with a new track.
In hot pursuit of his upcoming summer EP Last Name Iso, My’key has recently released another single entitled “Candy Coated.”
Producer Quicksaand created a tune reminiscent of 90’s Houston Classics, allowing both Iso and Saturn Bliss (formerly known as Brandy Shanice), to pay homage to the Purple Sprite legends before them.
“Candy Coated” can be seen performed live at Last Concert Café on April 8th, 2016. Saturn Bliss presents The Vacation Experience, a preview of her new EP, The Vacation and celebrating another year of wisdom. With this project you are expected to hear a matured jazz sound as Bliss has developed her own unique voice.
The birthday concert will feature Houston locals, Dj chose, Lee-Lonn, My’Key Iso, and Ashley Toman ft. Morae. You can purchase tickets through Eventbrite.
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