Shakespeare lovers– The Bard’s first folio is “on tour” throughout all fifty states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia next year.

Here are some of my photos from visiting Shakespeare’s first folio hosted by Texas A&M University in College Station, TX!



The original post from March 2015:

2016 will make 400 years since Shakespeare’s death and the Cincinnati Museum Center and American Library Association with grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, have teamed up to present this treasure to the nation.

A folio is a large book in which printed sheets are folded in half only once, creating two double-sided leaves, or four pages. Folios were more expensive and far more prestigious than quartos.



For those who don’t know the lingo, folios are very rare, usually preserving the origins of texts or first or early editions of what we now consider classic pieces. It’s widely known that Shakespeare’s sonnets, poems and plays are all available for free reading thanks to the world wide web. The contents of folios and quatros may vary in translations, spellings, syntax structure and formats– making them valuable to scholars and theatre-lovers alike everywhere. Scholars have dated the publishing of this folio at 1623.

A quarto is a book in which each printed sheet is folded twice—in half, and then in half again—to produce four double-sided leaves, or eight pages. Quartos tended to be small books that were used up and sometimes damaged or discarded, thus making them scarce today.

The Folgers Shakespeare Library on Capitol Hill in DC, houses the world’s largest Shakespeare collection and operates as a research library, promoting the understanding of The Bard’s body of work as well as functioning as a main source of information as to the teaching of Shakespeare’s writings. The Folgers Shakespeare Library contains 82 of the surviving 233 folios; 18 of the 82 copies are what America will be able to see in the coming year at libraries, universities and museums [hopefully] close to them.


Texans will be able to view the first folio in College Station, Texas at Texas A&M University.

This bee will mostly definitely keep The Hive posted on when exactly this exhibition will come to Aggieland. Prayer hands and a rap squat next to Shakespeare’s first folio? I think that’s an order!

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