I found myself in Austin another year for the all the SxSw festivities. This year can best be defined by the number of mix reviews that I people have communicated to me. While some have complained about the over saturation and heavy commercial influence on the indie festival that as of now finds itself sponsor driven. Others loved the increased organization shows (at least major ones) and the more alertness of the city due to unfortunate events that have come to plague the festival the past few years. However, for many artists  (especially Texans) of different forms its still serves an incredible networking opportunity.  Because of the work I was doing, I found myself majority of the time at the Fader Fort, which is always a cool event just from the sheer number of people that come,  many new and old acquaintances a like.  But as always,  I catch some of the upcoming acts of the past year that are building a buzz and find myself learning about new artist. I found myself a little bit of everywhere even making it to the last Illmore. But enough of words I’ll let the pictures talk.