“At the end of the day I just want some attention. Wit’s all this empty space we got some cruel intentions..”

I may be tardy to the party but whatever. Screaming in my best Chris Rock voice, JMSN done did it AGAIN!!! At the end of February, the Detroit native surprised fans via text (yes, he’s cool like that) with the Soundcloud link to his new single “Cruel Intentions.” Then shortly after that, dropping the YouTube link of the visuals for the soulful ballad. The White Room Records owner had JMStaNs(I may need to trademark this🤔) shook as he appeared with a shaved head and raw emotions with a spoken word bit or possible another song titled “Good Ol’ Case of the Blues” at the end of the video.

Now let’s fast forward to about a week ago, week ago. JMSN posted on his Soundcloud the “Cruel Intentions”(Remix) featuring Swedish songstress Snoh Aalegra. As if the soulful ballad wasn’t already seductive enough, the remix proves that a woman’s touch always makes things just a little better. The crooning duet complement each other flawlessly, exuding the perfect blend of sultry harmonies across the track. Stream below.

Want to hear more from these two artists? Be patient. Both have upcoming projects to be released. Snoh’s Don’t Explain EP is available for pre-order and will drop April 8th on iTunes. JMSN’s album It Is will be available May 6th, the same day he kicks off another tour. You can pre-order the album on his website and purchase tickets for his upcoming shows. Houston save the date for May 19th at Walter’s Downtown. image