The Diaper Foundation is a relatively new non-profit in the Greater Houston Area providing a dire, often over-looked, need of diaper assistance for newborns and toddlers. Unfortunately, government assistance programs such as SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps and WIC, the Women, Infants, and Children program, do not cover the extremely expensive cost of diapers, totaling upwards of $100 a month for just one child.

In addition to helping worthy children, The Diaper Foundation also lends its efforts to the empowerment of deserving mothers providing prayer and counselling services, information for expecting and new mothers as well as aid to countless adjoining programs for women as needed.

The Diaper Foundation

According to the Houston, Texas Poverty Rate Data Report, over 33% of the population’s children live below the poverty level.

In low-income households, babies often spend an entire day or longer in a single diaper because the family cannot afford to buy new ones, putting them at risk for health issues and abuse.

The Diaper Foundation

Founded in 2009, the certified 501(c)(3) organization offers two vital options for the community to help:

Sponsor a Child

For $25 a month, at least one, if not more children can reap the extremely positive benefits of receiving the clean, safe diapers they need.

Diaper Drives

The Diaper Foundation encourages local businesses, organizations and events to host a diaper drive, asking the public to provide monetary and in-kind donations for infants and toddlers alike.

Here at the Hive Society, we may not be parents ourselves yet, but we can certainly appreciate any efforts to help underprivileged families. As proud supporters of the Houston Food Bank, The Hive Society is well aware of how many Houstonians, especially children, live below the poverty line – 1 in 4 children at risk of food insecurity to be exact, a total of 448,490 kids in Southeast Texas; therefore unfortunately, it’s not surprising that the added costs for diapers is a burden to so many in already in need. The Hive Society salutes the efforts of The Diaper Foundation and hopes the organization can continue to thrive in providing the necessary resources women, children and families need to survive.

For more information on how you can help, donate or volunteer with The Diaper Foundation, click here.

All media courtesy of The Diaper Foundation.